Stay in Your Magic

Sounds good KK, but what about the current “situation”? How the EFF do we stay in our magic when we don’t even know what freaking DAY it is?

Friend…I know…Which is exactly why it’s tricky, but we MUST tap back into our super powers & light this bitch up!

you are magic...

We gotta step into the power of what we CAN do.

We gotta step into the power of what we CAN do. Use our gifts to help others forward & through – cuz it’s clear there’s no loophole, magic pill or otherwise getting around this…we gotta put our light warrior clothes on – or in my case light-warrior-goddess earrings – hey whatever works right? And step the fuck UP.

Truth? I was CRAZY fatigued the first month this all hit the fan – Sidenote: I’m on a high dose of the immuno-suppressant drug Remicade, for a Chron’s diagnosis which I get via infusion every 6 weeks. so on top of the fatigue that can come with that, I’m also highly empathic & felt a LOT of the collective energy that was swirling around those first few weeks.

Fear & anxiety was def what I was picking up on collectively, despite restricting my own exposure to mainstream news & social media intake.

Now that some of the initial shock has worn off & I’ve increased my regular self care practices (lots of Sleep/Naps/Rest + water water water + feeling whatever comes up from moment to moment & not judging it/me/my feelings  + journaling, laughing as often as possible + touching base with my inner circle on the regular + body movin daily + GRATITUDE) I was able to begin to shift into reflection mode.

In case it wasn’t already clear, it should be NOW – no one is coming to save us. No govt/civic “leader”, no doctors/scientists/experts, not even shiny ships dropping outta the sky to take us to an alt universe/dimension (not yet?)…

Time to raise the vibe

We’re here at this time to raise the freaking vibe. We’re here to help light the way for those who are stuck in the dark. I’m not saying I don’t have dark & twisty days…I DO. But I’m armed with tools to pull out of it & navigate through it.                   

Please STOP watching news 24/7!! If you notice your anxiety levels increase after you watch it, it’s because your stress hormones & adrenal glands are maxed out!!

This situation is triggering a lot for people. It’s also putting a cosmic mirror before us and asking us “whatchu REALLY want? More of the same? Wanna get “back to normal? No thank you. Cuz “normal” wasn’t working.

So let’s create our “New NOW”. Our New way of BEing (not so much DOing). Because adaptability, resiliency & innovation are gonna get us onward & upward. We are literally entering into the Wild Unknown. It’s a new frontier. We’re all pioneers on New Earth & NO one knows what it’s gonna look like.

So we get to dream. Imagine. Design. Create. Color outside the lines. Because “playing it safe”, following the path of “least resistance”, doing what “they” thought you should do…didn’t work. The system crashed & we’re getting a hard re-boot.

If you’re ready to begin the process of imagining what your New Now might look like, I’d love to have you join in the conversations that will be taking place here at or on the Kammie K. Facebook page or even more fun…Instagram stories.

I’m imagining community, collaboration, cosmic conversations, kick-ass creativity, a collective of InnerSpace travelers & spirited souls.

Are you ready to step UP & step into this Wild Unknown?

I’m re-Imagining traditional coaching services offered via the Marco Polo video app, Zoom group calls & live webinars & workshops to support YOU in your cosmic unfolding.

I can’t wait to play with you in the quantum field of pure imagination, intuition, divine connectivity & grace.

For updates on course & podcast launch, intuitive channeling & coaching sessions & cosmic content to help you dive deep into you own InnerSpace…hop on the list to stay connected!

If ya click the link below…you’ll also get a FREE digital download:

***3 Ways to AMP Your Intuition & Tune Into Your Superpower***

If you’re looking for something to fit into your budget, or you have a situation that you want quick feedback or support around, it is now my pleasure to offer Cosmix InnerSpace Laser Sessions via Marco Polo. This is also an amazing way to “sample” working with me.

The benefits to using Marco Polo for this work is that we get to SEE each other! This is an innovative use of technology in the field. Many people offer using Voxer as an option, but that’s just a voice messaging app. 

Check out the link below for more info or if you have any questions, please feel free to email

I look forward to supporting you in this way and I can’t wait to meet you on Marco Polo!!  

Hop on over to Instagram or the Facebook Page & join in the cosmic conversation there.



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This iteration of my business feels exciting because it’s a way to stay connected globally, but also to make an impact locally. My intention is that connections through this platform are intimate. Even if it’s not 1:1, I’d like every communication, resource I share, or program I launch to be personalized. I’m excited to play with people like YOU – people who want to give birth to something new, up-level your mindset, tune into your intuition and trust that you already have everything you need. You already know what’s best for YOU. 



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3 ways to amp your intuition and tap into your superpower

Intuition is often referred to as a sixth sense, divination, instinct, a hunch, a gut feeling, or second sight. But how do you know to TRUST that intuitive hit? Grab this FREE guide to find out!

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