The Cosmix Manifesto

On the summer solstice June 22, 2019 I had my first ever hypnotherapy session. This was no ordinary hypno session. I wasn’t going to break a habit, overcome a phobia or to calm anxiety. I was going in to deep dive into my own inner space.

And deep dive I did. I had what many would consider (and some have had) a full on MYSTICAL experience. If you’ve watched Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s Ted Talk or read her book, My Stroke of Insight, my experience was similar to how she explained her experience was once her consciousness left her body.

During my session, I was guided out into the cosmos and once there, connected to the one Divine Source energy/God/The Universe, and felt the TRUTH about who I/we are. WHO are we?! We are infinite beings of cosmic light AND we are gloriously fucking human.

i tuned into all that is, and understood that i am/ we are a part of that all. We are never not connected to it.

I tuned into ALL that is, and understood that I AM/WE are a part of that ALL. We are never NOT connected to it. Much like the drop of water in the ocean analogy—we are a piece of the cosmos, yet we contain the entire cosmos within us.

I laughed and cried during that session because once you KNOW something as Truth with a capital T, you can’t UN-know it.

I thought of all the insecurities, self-doubts and fears I/WE all have. How silly these distractions and dramas that we create are, when we’re the fucking cosmos ya’ll!!

The thing is, we’re playing a game called “Being Human” and we CHOSE to come to Earth, at THIS time to play our parts. Our ONLY job is to SHOW up, everyday and express the Divine source AS us. Piece of cake, right?

That first night I woke up around 3am and wrote down the following downloads so I wouldn’t forget to share them with YOU.

The Cosmix Manifesto

  1. I AM/WE are cosmic beings of infinite light and love.
  2. I AM/WE are glorious, miraculous, perfectly imperfect beings created in the Divine creators image…we ARE creation.
  3. There’s NOthing to be afraid of because all is working in my/our favor.
  4. I AM/WE are a collective force for good and we have the support of the infinite cosmic web/connection/collective.
  5. If we could remember WHO/What we really are we would never be afraid, anxious or worried.
  6. Ease and grace ARE our default mode.
  7. We have amnesia and have forgotten WHO/What we really are and it’s our job to do our soul work to wake UP and remember.
  8. We ARE love and are safe, cared for and protected.
  9. We can BE/DO/HAVE whatever we want because we are it.
  10. Love IS our DNA.
  11. We ARE Divine.
  12. I believe in miracles.
  13. I AM a radiant being of light sent here to teach/show/guide others back to their TRUE authentic nature.
  14. Time travel is not only possible, it’s easy and accessible to ALL (quantum field).
  15. We CAN rewrite our stories and alter our realities.
  16. I trust myself and have faith that I/WE/the infinite creator knows best.
  17. Love more.
  18. Believe in magic.
  19. Trust the Divine.
  20. Have faith in the mystery.
  21. Gratitude turns UP the volume on abundance and receptivity.
  22. I AM/WE are electric, radiant, cosmic.
  23. We operate at the speed of light in our TRUE nature, so change is speeding up.
  24. Communication is beyond telepathic, we need a new word for “intuition”, think of telepathy/intuition as simply being dialed in, in tune, effortless, natural state of ISness.
  25. Go INward. Go DEEP. Resist nothing. Fear NOthing.
  26. I AM/YOU are/WE be the force. There is NO separation between us and the infinite creative source. We are IT.
  27. Let confidence ooze out of your soul. You CHOSE to be here NOW. In THIS timeline, as YOU. Fucking OWN it
  28. Express YOU to the fullest. You came here to dance THIS dance as YOU
  29. I/WE/IT/They love and adore you. The bond is unbreakable. Unshakeable. Bask in the glory of THAT.
  30. It’s not a question of “worthiness”, you don’t need anyone’s permission, you already ARE. You’re cosmic baby, step into it and OWN your TRUE power.
  31. When in doubt about which way to go next, ask “what would spirit have me do?” Or “what would LOVE have me do?”. It’s all the same pure, creative, life force energy. It IS you. You ARE it. Tune in. Listen and FLOW.
  32. How would your behavior/mindset shift if you walked through this world OWNing your glorious, miraculous, divine, cosmic essence?
  33. You are a Supernova – literally made of star stuff – time to quit playing small.
  34. You ARE a cosmic creature of light who CHOSE to play the game “Being Human”. It’s like your memory got swiped clean upon entry into the game, but your true, divine essence is cosmic, powerful, radiant. Tune into your TRUE nature to up-level and bypass human limitations.
  35. Allow yourself to fall under the influence of your inner being…He/She/it/they KNOW the way.

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