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Episode #11: Intention: Cosmix Innerspace Camp

episode #11


Innerspace Camp Sneak Peek: Week 2


"When we focus and are armed with a plan, we're taking our power back and choosing to move forward"

Spring & YOU are in full BLOOM and the new moon this week supports ALL of your BIG & small HEART’s desires. I mentioned in the previous Episode, I’m going to share a preview of what will be covered in Cosmix Innerspace Camp – a small, intimate group coaching experience that I’m hosting this June & July!

Cosmix Innerspace Camp is an 8 week journey for those who are feeling called to step UP & INTO their next Quantum Leap. Many people are feeling called to step into something very NEW. But sometimes these NEW inklings, only trickle in a little bit at a time. So without having a complete blueprint or roadmap, how do you step UP and into ACTION?

I created Cosmix Innerspace Camp! So you can go DEEP. And you go INWARD. So if YOU are (finally) ready to launch a creative project, side hustle or new biz – maybe you’re ready to up-level your career Or make a bold MOVE to another country, then Innerspace Camp might just be for YOU.

Listen to this Episode to learn about Week 2 – Intention where I share Wayne Dyer’s tips for Intention setting: Discipline, Wisdom, LOVE & Surrender. Those are the kinds of things we’ll be diving DEEP into during week two, INTENTION of Cosmix Innerspace Camp this June & July.

Again, if you’re interested in getting notification when we LAUNCH drop me an email at or DM me on Instagram or Facebook. If you’re feeling called INto this DEEPer work, I encourage you to step UP.

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What We're Exploring

on this episode, we're talking about:
  • The second week sneak peek on the Innerspace Camp

  • Why intention is so important for our lives

Audio Transcript

Welcome to the Cosmic Innerspace podcast. I’m Kammie K interspace surfer and cosmic creator at Are you ready to launch a business? Expand your cosmic consciousness, amp your intuition, or simply celebrate the everyday messiness of being human. Then the Cosmic Innerspace podcast is for you. Inside each episode, we’ll demystify the mystical and provide practical magic for everyday alchemy.

We honor an intuitive and spirited lifestyle that elevates and explores life’s multidimensional mysteries. Eavesdrop in on conversations with artists and authors, kick ass creatives, entrepreneurs, and everyday interspace surfers, just like you, who are diving deep and glowing up in a whole new world.

Stay tuned for interspace best practices and sustainable business tools to help you navigate the new now. Let these stories inspire you to cultivate your curiosity, elevate your mindset and explore your own cosmics inner space. Let’s dive into the show. Welcome friend.

Here we are still high vibing in the middle of Aries season. These energies are super powerful and a catalyst for deep transformation, you know?

So it’s definitely a good time to take your power back. Love up on yourself, a little extra, maybe make some bad-ass bold choices or decisions. Embrace those threads of new beginning. And be sure to rest recharge, nourish your body, your mind, and your spirit. It’s time to embrace the newness. Spring and you are in full bloom and the new moon this week supports all of your big and small hearts desire.

Okay. As I mentioned in the previous episode, these next few weeks, I’m sharing a bit of a preview of what will be covered in cosmics interspace camp, which is a small intimate group coaching experience that I’m hosting in June and July. It’s coming it’s right around the corner. Cosmic interspace camp is an eight week journey for those who are feeling called to step up and into their next quantum leap.

Many people are feeling called to step into something very new right now. Um, sometimes these inklings trickle in a little bit here and there, and it’s not like just like one big download. So without having a complete blueprint or a map, how do you step into action? Well, that’s why I created cosmics inner space camp so that you can go deep and you can go inward.

So, if you are finally ready to launch a creative project, side hustle, maybe you want to start a new biz or you have ideas about how you want to just get started stepping into that. Or maybe you’re ready to up-level in your current career. Maybe you love the field or industry that you’re in, but you just want to like take it to the next level.

I know some people who are like itching to just leave, like sell all their stuff and move to another country. So if any of those things resonate for you, then definitely consider interspace camp. It might be for you. So it’s for anyone who wants to tap deeper into their intuition and give birth to their next creative.

So it’s really a level up and leading from within that’s what we’re going to explore in those eight weeks. So if you dig what you’re hearing and you went on the VIP list for when signup goes live, send me a DM on Instagram or a message on Facebook or an email. You can just email me at and put interspace camp in the subject box.

That way I’ll find it really easy. All right. So I wanted to share what’s going to happen in week two of inner space camp. It’s all about setting your intention. In week one, which is the crystallize week. We crystallize our core values. So then it’s time to take those values and focus those laser beams of inspiration and action with intention.

So intention is the fuel behind the action. Interestingly, intention is both defined as an aim or a plan. And in medical terms, it’s the healing process of a wound. So in setting our intention and focusing on where we choose to go, aren’t we indeed then healing all those old wounds? Like we are we’re overcoming.

When we focus on our armed with a plan, we’re taking our power back and choosing to move forward in a new direction with new ideas, fresh plans, clear vision. We’re actively not living by default mode anymore. And I know a lot of people are stuck in that like default, like it’s time to unglue from the Netflix y’all. We’ve been in default mode for long enough.

That’s basically living unconsciously and letting life just sort of take you wherever the wind blows and being more of a passive player versus an active leader in your own life. Wayne Dyer is, um, a phenomenal was a phenomenal spiritual teacher and a lot of his work focused on intention. Um, he does an amazing job providing specific steps to activate intention.

So I wanted to share just a little bit from his bestselling book, the power of intention. I read this a long time ago. I probably need to pull it back out again and get a little refresher. But I wanted to share that according to Wayne, the goal is to remove ego identification and connect with your authentic natural self so that you can allow complete flow of your wellbeing back into your life. 

So here’s the four quick steps that Wayne Dyer outlined, as far as the power of intention setting. Number one, he says discipline eliminating ego identification doesn’t mean disconnecting from your relationship with your body, but rather training your body to activate those desires.

You do that with practice, exercise, non-toxic habits, healthy foods and so on. So we’ll definitely be talking about discipline in week two of interspace camp. Wisdom is the second step wisdom combined with discipline fosters your ability to focus and be patient as you harmonize your thoughts, your intellect, and your feelings with the work of your body.

Wayne’s third step is love, which is also one of my core values. After disciplining the body with wisdom and intellectually studying a task. This process of mastery involves loving what you do and doing what you love. And the fourth step that Wayne talks about in the power of intention is surrender. He says, this is the place of intention.

You relax, grab the trolley strap and allow yourself to be carried by the same power that turns acorns into trees, blossoms into apples and microscopic dots into humans. So discipline, wisdom, love and surrender. Those are the kinds of things that we’ll be diving deep into during week two intention week of cosmics inner space camp, this June and July.

Again, if you’re interested in getting notification for when the launch goes live, drop me an email at or send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook. If you’re feeling called into this deeper work. I definitely encourage you to step up. You know, if not now, when I said this last week and in just a week’s time, even more wonky, wacky, external things have happened in the world.

So isn’t it time to take a bold leap, to be brave and go on an adventure and beginning steps into your new now instead of spending your summer numbing out, why not spend it diving in? So that’s, I’m gonna say about that there’s limited spaces available and I cannot wait to see you. Thank you so much for sharing your time and space with me today and for tuning in. 

Thank you so much for sharing your time and space with me today. And for tuning in. If you enjoyed this episode of the cosmic Innerspace podcast, please leave a review on apple podcasts or share this episode with a friend. Shout out to our amazing sound editor and producer Xtrordinair Brendan Shanahan, the Cosmic Interspace podcast is proudly produced by the podcast pro shop at

I’d love to stay connected with you. I’m at KammieK.Com on Instagram and Facebook. And I share a lot more cosmics goodness on Instagram stories. And of course we can always stay connected via the cosmics interspace mothership over on the blog, where you can find ways to work with me, stay tuned for new art and interspace support in the KK shop. And subscribe to the cosmics e-news to stay updated for future programs and on demand course drops. Okay, friend, until next time I’m sending you Stardust and so much love.


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