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Innerspace Coaching: 1 on 1 Video Laser Coaching Sessions

1 on 1 Video Coaching

laser session

We’ll uncover limiting beliefs, unstuck BLOCKED energies and map out a plan to take inspired ACTION to elevate you onto the timeline of your most FAVORITE self. 

Please note that only a handful of these sessions are available each month.

Are you...

  • Feeling TIRED of the corporate grind but not sure how to get off the roller coaster of the 9-5?
  • A quantum CREATIVE with ideas for a book, music, art or other project that lights you UP, but no idea how to get started, much less how to map out a plan to LAUNCH it?
  • Feeling called to launch a BUSINESS but need a biz bestie to hold you accountable for taking inspired ACTION?
  • In the midst of a spiritual awakening but NO one else in your orbit GETS you or understands the DEEP shifts happening within? I GOT you boo – I speak spiritual, woo-woo, quantum and 5D – let’s get into it!
  • Feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired, and want to find more HEALTHY balance and inner peace? (As someone who has navigated through chronic illness & autoimmune challenges, I SEE you!

During our video messaging sessions, I will LISTEN deeply to what you are saying (and even deeper to what you are NOT saying). I will ask you clarifying questions to get to the ROOT of your challenge and provide intuitively guided feedback SPECIFIC to YOU and your challenge. You’re on your way babe…just click the button and say YAAAASSSSSSS!

Please note that only a handful of these sessions are available each month.

why i'm offering this

We live in the New NoW – each day is another opportunity for YOU to design a rich, juicy and abundant life.  But this New NoW moves FAST – you’re feeling this intensity too, right? That’s why I’m stoked to offer this exciting and affordable way to experience 1-on-1 coaching with me. It’s my intention to offer coaching and partnership at several levels, so that I can support as many people as possible.

Whether you are looking for something to fit into your budget, or you have a situation that you want quick feedback or support around, it’s my pleasure to offer Innerspace Video Coaching Laser Sessions via Marco Polo. This is also an amazing way for us to see if we’re a fit for more in-depth coaching support.

how does it work?

Once you’ve purchased your Laser Video Coaching Session, you’ll get an email including a PDF document with all the details and next steps.

We’ll connect on the app within 24-48 hours and then we’re good to get started!

You’ll send me your first message and then we’ll have an hour of back and forth to discuss your current challenge or creative business idea.

Let’s gooooooooooooooooo!

what to expect

A great Laser Video Coaching Session might look like:

you mP me

You leave me a video message 5-15 minutes long, filling me in on one core challenge, creative idea you want to birth into the world or question you need support with.

I mP you

Within the next 24 hours, I'll follow up with you and leave you a 15 minute message with loads of feedback and insights.

we volley

We'll repeat this one more time if our messages are about 15 minute. Either way, we volley til we hit an hour!

I mP you

Within the next 24 hours, I'll follow up with you and leave you a 5-15 minute message with clarifying questions, intuitive insights, strategic ideas and loads of feedback.

we volley

We'll repeat this until our hour is up! We'll message back and forth until we hit our full hour. It's amazing what you can accomplish in just one hour of focused and divinely designed time!

my style of coaching

These sessions are a hybrid of various modalities pulling from nearly two decades of coaching, training and leadership development experience. I also tune into my higher self, my spirit squad and the Divine to access insights and messages downloaded just for YOU.

My toolbox is a mosaic including multiple degrees in Communications and Psychology, decades of coursework in world religions, spiritual and consciousness studies, life and career coach training, and coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them catalyze and launch their business (when I worked at the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU, some of my favorite things to do was prep student entrepreneurs for pitch competitions and help craft their personal brands).

I’ll share resources including e-courses, podcasts, books and workshops. I’m also a quantum creatrix – artist & writer – my passions and interests ebb and flow like my own true nature.

I use ALL of these gifts and insights in our work together, recommending grounded practical applications mixed with intuitive guidance from my multidimensional self.

We may also pull from my Muses of the Multiverse Oracle Card Deck during our session – this deck offers you insights and transmissions from YOUR multidimensional self and journal prompts for deeper Innerspace exploration!

Ready to PLAY together in the quantum field?


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