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What is a Cosmix Innerspace Laser Session? It’s 60 minutes of intuitive channeling/coaching via the Marco Polo video message app.

Please note that only a handful of these sessions are available each month.

why i'm offering this

I am stoked to offer this new, exciting and affordable way to experience 1-on-1 intuitive channeling/ coaching with me. It’s my intention to offer intuitive channeling/ coaching and partnership at several levels, so that I can support as many people as possible on their own cosmic unfolding.

Whether you are looking for something to fit into your budget, or you have a situation that you want quick feedback or support around, it is now my pleasure to offer Cosmix InnerSpace Laser Sessions via Marco Polo. This is also an amazing way to try things out and see what it’s like to work with me.

how does it work?

If you’re not already familiar with Marco Polo, it’s a super simple video messaging app available on your smartphone. The app is free to download and you can grab it from your device’s app store.

Once you’ve purchased your Cosmix Innerspace Laser Session, you’ll get an email including a PDF document with all the details and next steps.

We’ll connect on the app within about 24-48 hours (depending on the day and time your session is purchased) and then we’re good to get started!

You’ll send me your first message (a.k.a., “polo”) and then we’ll have an hour to “bounce the ball” back and forth. 

what to expect

A great Cosmix InnerSpace Laser Session might look like this:

you mP me

You leave me a Marco Polo video message about 15 minutes long, filling me in on one core challenge or question.

I mP you

Within the next 24 hours, I'll follow up with you and leave you a 15 minute message with loads of feedback and insights.

we volley

We'll repeat this one more time if our messages are about 15 minute. Either way, we volley til we hit an hour!

I mP you

Within the next 24 hours, I'll follow up with you and leave you a 15 minute message with loads of feedback and insights.

we volley

We'll repeat this one more time if our messages are about 15 minute. Either way, we volley til we hit an hour!

why marco polo

The benefits to using Marco Polo for this work is that we get to SEE each other! This is an innovative use of technology in the field. Many people offer using Voxer as an option, but that’s just a voice messaging app.

We’ll have the added benefit of body language and eye contact. You’ll also then have our session saved forever on the Marco Polo app and it won’t take up storage space on your phone. You can then replay it or review it as many times as you like, and continue to simmer in the a-ha’s and activations from our session!

The other JUICY benefit to using Marco Polo, is that YOU get to see and hear YOU. Underneath all spiritual or personal development work, YOU already have ALL of the answers that you need boo.

Talking through your questions out loud with an accountability partner who is holding space and the HIGHEST version of you is definitely beneficial. Gaining insights and a different perspective on a situation is valuable, as well as tapping into the wisdom, guidance or expertise of your guide/coach. But the REAL value in this co-creative process is YOU finally hearing and SEEing yourSELF come to your own positive outcomes and conclusions.

my style of coaching

These sessions are a hybrid of various modalities—I tune into my intuitive gifts, pulling from my nearly two decades of coaching and leadership development experience, energy reading and channeling (I channel my higher self and my guides).

My toolbox is a mosaic including decades of coursework in traditional psychology, religious, spiritual and consciousness studies, life and career coach training, development coaching for small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them catalyze and launch their business.

I pull from a wealth of resources including e-courses, podcasts, books and workshops. I’m also a writer and visual artist—my passions and interests ebb and flow like my own true nature.

I use ALL of these gifts and insights in our work together, recommending grounded practical applications mixed with intuitive guidance from my multidimensional self, and guides.

If you’d like me to pull a card during our session, I can do that as well. I have various decks that I work with and pull where I feel intuitively drawn. I am currently tuning into a deck from The Threads of Fate, but do have others I utilize as well as working on designing custom decks for myself (look out 2021!).

Ready to PLAY together in the quantum field?


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