Walkin’ the Talk

“Make your path by walking it.”

I heard this quote today while listening to a video on YouTube and it TOTALLY resonated for me.

So often we’re looking for THE WAY. Show me a sign Universe!! That bumper sticker said, “All those who wander are not lost.” That billboard said, “If you’re looking for a sign, this is IT.” That song lyric said, “You were born for this.” But which WAY do I go?

Any of this sound familiar? No? Just me…? It was a great reminder that this “being human” thing is a WILD trip and there’s no THERE to be racing toward. Just the next NOW moment & the next after that & the next after that.

Signs, signs, everywhere

It truly is a choose your own adventure and here’s the RELIEF my friend…we CAN’T get it WRONG!!

Whew! So in case you (like me) continue to “read the signs”, I’m sharing this little ditty that found me on the Youtube this morning. In my bathroom. With mis-matched socks, morning breath and crazy bed head.

I’m walking into each now moment with grace, hope, a positive attitude and patience. Yes, there’s days when the fatigue of all this gets to me. Most definitely I have my messy moments where I just wanna scream, “WT-actual-F is going ON here?”. 

But while I might be putting on my extra comfy yoga pants, I’m also adding my warrior-light-goddess earrings and AMP’ing it UP!

Are YOU ready to take that next step into your next NOW moment and continue to blaze your own path by putting one foot in front of the next? I’m right here with ya, just a hip-hop, TikTok away. 

How 'bout NOW?

Ready to design a juicy life that is your own unique, original work of art? One that’s intentional, intuitive, full of integrity, creativity and joy but also fully embraces the everyday messiness that goes along with living authentically and playing FULL out?

Maybe it's time to finally dive deep & explore your innerspace.

Ready to align your thoughts, words and actions & get crystal clear about what it is you TRULY value, so you can create your next level vision?

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
  • Wanna step into a state of gratitude for the abundance of gifts you already have?
  • Do you long for a rich spiritual life where self-care IS an act of self-love?
  • Book a Cosmix Innerspace Laser session with me via Marco Polo to try out coaching with me – there are limited amounts of these so if you’re feeling the vibe – book it NOW! 

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