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Cosmix recap: Intuition is often referred to as  a sixth sense, divination, instinct, a hunch, a gut feeling, second sight.

Yea, but how do you know to TRUST the intuitive hit? Well, if you believe (like i do) that intuition is really IN-TUNE-ITION, meaning it really is tapping into inner YOU.

When you’re tuned into YOU & connected to Source/God/Universe you open up the channel (yea, we’re ALL channelers) and access info from your Higher Self and access your own divine KNOWing.


You tune in & tap into higher self. Your guides. Spirit. The Divine.

You tune in & tap into higher self. Your guides. Spirit. The Divine. God. Goddess. The Universe. All the aspects of the multi-dimensional you (yep, we’re multi-dimensional beings ya’ll, i mean it’s 2020…come on now!)

It don’t matter what you call it honey, just OWN it. Trust it. Thank it. Connect with it. Refer to it for guidance. Be curious. Ask it questions.

When in doubt about which way to go next, ask “What would spirit have me do?” Or “What would love have me do?” Or “What would future me do?” (Cuz there is no #futureyou there’s only NOW you & the next NOW you etc but that’s another post)

You ARE it - It is YOU

It’s all the same creative life force energy. It IS you. You are IT. Tune in. Listen & flow.

How have you been tuning into You? What signs, symbols & synchronicities have been guiding you back home to YOU?

Trust your own intuition/discernment. Your messages might not come through like other peoples messages. Get quiet. Calm the fuck down. Chill out. Get grounded. Connect with nature.

Listen. Listen. Listen.

The universe is talking to you. Through you. AS YOU.

Can you hear you NOW?

***”You’re cosmix baby…and you’re fucking glorious.”***

Wanna learn more on how to TUNE in to YOU?

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***3 Ways to AMP Your Intuition & Tune Into Your Superpower***

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This iteration of my business feels exciting because it’s a way to stay connected globally, but also to make an impact locally. My intention is that connections through this platform are intimate. Even if it’s not 1:1, I’d like every communication, resource I share, or program I launch to be personalized. I’m excited to play with people like YOU – people who want to give birth to something new, up-level your mindset, tune into your intuition and trust that you already have everything you need. You already know what’s best for YOU. 



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3 ways to amp your intuition and tap into your superpower

Intuition is often referred to as a sixth sense, divination, instinct, a hunch, a gut feeling, or second sight. But how do you know to TRUST that intuitive hit? Grab this FREE guide to find out!

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