2020 Winds of Change

I’ve been quiet since launching kammiek.com Been fatigued, introspective, curious & inquisitive. What steps do I take next? Launch the podcast or my first e-course? Build the Cosmix Innerspace Community page or start a YouTube channel? All valid questions of a newbie online biz owner.

I’ve been working on my own Innerspace practices…getting lots of sleep (and naps), ramping up my fitness/body movin’ routine, hydrating like a mofo, journaling out my fears on the page, listening to my fav podcasts, & grounding out in nature…but its been crazy windy here in Prescott, AZ!!

What is Wind Medicine

I had to look deeper into the spiritual meaning of wind.

So you know how i do, I had to look deeper into the spiritual meaning of wind. Here’s the tea on wind medicine:

{Via Spirituality of Wind by Madisyn Taylor @dailyom}

*Wind is air in motion. Many ancient cultures believed that the wind was a form of divine spirit. Like spirit, the wind is invisible, but it is what animates.

*The magnifence of the wind resides within each of us. Wind isn’t tangible yet it brings change with its breath.

*The wind is also a cleanser. It can drift away the hurt and pain with a soft puff of air. But it is also a quick-tempered destroyer; a raging hurricane.

*Sometimes change feels like an unsettling uproar that dramatically changes the scenery of your life. But as bleak as things feel, know that Wind Spirit is a messenger; movement against stagnation.

*To fight a gust only creates struggle. It takes time and practice, patience, trust, and faith to embrace the wind for we try to control everything and find answers.

*To be carried by the wind is to give things up to a higher power. There is no going wrong for the wind, like spirit, is uplifting and life giving.

My Key Takeaway?

“Wind Spirit is a messenger; movement against stagnation. “

Another reminder that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Right HERE. Right NOW. Rooted in the present moment, but free flowing like the wind…and anything BUT stagnate.

How are YOU handling the winds of change dear Cosmix soul?

Do the winds of change have YOU itching to start something NEW?

Could you use a a bit of intuitive guidance or a different perspective on a creative idea you need help launching?

Curious if I can help support you via one of my coaching options? 

Sessions are a hybrid of various modalities – I tune into my intuitive gifts, pulling from my nearly two decades of coaching and leadership development experience, energy reading and channeling (I channel my higher self and my guides). 

My toolbox is a mosaic including decades of coursework in traditional psychology, religious, spiritual and consciousness studies, life and career coach training, development coaching for small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them catalyze & launch their business. 

I pull from a wealth of resources including e-courses, podcasts, books and workshops. I’m also a writer and visual artist – my passions and interests ebb and flow like my own true nature – 

I use ALL of these gifts and insights in our work together, recommending grounded practical applications mixed with intuitive guidance from my multidimensional self, and guides.

Here’s two ways we can PLAY together…

Whether you are looking for something to fit into your budget, or you have a situation that you want quick feedback or support around, it is now my pleasure to offer Cosmix InnerSpace Laser Sessions via Marco Polo. This is also an amazing way to “sample” working with me.

Or book a more in-depth Cosmix Innerspace JAM session

This offer is a more traditional 1on1 video  intuitive coaching session. These are one off sessions that you may use to receive feedback and support in one core area. We can use Zoom via computer or FaceTime if you’re on iPhone. 

We’ll then have 75 minutes to discuss your situation, challenge or idea that you want coaching/channeling or mentoring around.

Have a look around or email me with any questions, I’d love to chat! kammie @kammiek.com 

Hop on over to Instagram or the Facebook Page & join in the cosmic conversation there.



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This iteration of my business feels exciting because it’s a way to stay connected globally, but also to make an impact locally. My intention is that connections through this platform are intimate. Even if it’s not 1:1, I’d like every communication, resource I share, or program I launch to be personalized. I’m excited to play with people like YOU – people who want to give birth to something new, up-level your mindset, tune into your intuition and trust that you already have everything you need. You already know what’s best for YOU. 



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