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Episode #1: Demystify the Mystical: Intuition 101: The Clair’s

episode #1

Demystify the Mystical : Intuition 101

meet the clair's

The Clairs

“we all have intuitive gifts, some people are just more aware of it than others. you can do it too.”

When I was about 11 years old, my sister and I were having one of many sleep over’s with our cousins at my grandma’s. My sister and I are 2 years apart – same as our cousins – and we were all around the same age so this made hanging out at family events EXTRA fun.

When we got there, they had brought another girl with them – she was a foreign exchange student from Russia who was staying with them, so we had a bonus friend at our slumber party.

My memory is a little fuzzy – but from what I recall – once we were sufficiently hopped up on sugar and caffeine, we started rooting through grandma’s jewelry box and cosmetic bags, never afraid to spend hours playing dress up or “make-up counter”. But after a while, we got bored and we quickly found ourselves asking “what’s next.”?

One of us grabbed a deck of cards and began shuffling for what was likely to be a game of go fish or war – when the new girl asked if I would pick a card from the deck and NOT show it to her. She said, “I bet I can guess what card it is.” I was curious and intrigued and picked the first of a series of cards that she seemed to guess as if by magic.

She said, “We all have intuitive gifts, some people are just more aware of it than others. You can do it too.” I didn’t even really know what she meant by “intuitive”, but I WAS aware that sometimes I just seemed to “know” things or “see” pictures in my mind that then would happen in real life…but I always just thought that was some form of deja vu. 

This was my introduction to the “Clair’s”…


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What We're Exploring

on this episode, we're talking about:
  • What is Clairvoyance?

  • Clairaudience

  • Clairalience

  • Clairsentience

  • Claircognizance

Audio Transcript

We flipped it and played a few rounds of HER choosing cards and ME guessing correctly (which I just thought was coincidence or a fluke) after a while she said, “OK let’s try another game.” She asked me to close my eyes and imagine what her bedroom in Russia looked like.

Ha! I was like, “How would I know what your room looks like? I don’t really KNOW you and I definitely don’t know what Russia looks like!” She explained that using our “intuition” (there was that word again) was actually easier the LESS we know about a person. 

She instructed me to take a deep breath – (are you thinking how did this 11 year old girl know all about deep breathing techniques and intuition? Yeaaa…sometimes I wonder if I imagined this whole thing. I’ve actually never asked my sister or my cousins if they remember this girl or if I’m the only one with this memory!) – but anyway…let’s get back to the story…

After a few deep breaths (and YES I thought it was suuuuper weird to focus on my breath) I closed my eyes and POOF! It was like a movie screen just popped up behind my eyes. 

This is the first memory I can recall where my gift of Clairvoyance appeared.

I described what I saw on the movie screen to her in great detail: “I see a weird shaped room, like a hexagon? Or maybe it’s just round? I see floor to ceiling windows with window seats and pillows on them, it looks like a great spot to take a nap or read a book! I see bookshelves to the right of the door with TONS of dolls on them. Like bookshelves in a library, only filled with DOLLS instead of books! So. Many. DOLLS!

I see a giant braided oval rug in the middle of the room. It’s got all kinds of colors and fills up the whole room. The walls are pink and the bed looks like a couch with a metal frame and lots of blankets and more pillows and stuffed animals and dolls. I can see out the windows. There are trees that look bare, like it’s winter and there are tall gas lamps that are lit – and it’s gray outside. It looks cold. I actually can FEEL the cold. I also smell something kinda spicy and sweet, like tea or maybe soup?” 

And then as fast as it popped in, the movie screen disappeared.


I opened my eyes and the girl had a huuuge smile on her face and my sister and cousins were just staring at me. A wave of heat passed over me and my face flushed from embarrassment. I felt like a total weirdo. “I’m sure I just made that stuff up…that’s probably not at all what your room looks like, right?” 

She kept smiling as she proceeded to tell me that her grandma had MADE that rug, that she was a rag rug maker. That her parents travelled all over the world and had collected these dolls for her each time they went to a new destination. 

She told me she loved reading books and taking naps in the window seats, overlooking some MAJOR/Iconic park the name of which I can’t recall – outside her windows, with the trees and gas lamps I saw. She lived in a large tourist town that I also can’t remember the name of.  And she said that there was ALWAYS tea or soup warming on the stove, sometimes both. 

This was the first memory I can recall of actually being aware of using one or more of my “Clair’s”. This girl had called it “a gift”, but I didn’t understand it. 

Honestly, I was a bit intimidated by it and also a little scared. I didn’t know if this made me a freak, or if there was something wrong with me – because not everybody could see, hear or smell things from places they had never actually been. 

But I did become more curious about these types of things and this LAUNCHED me onto the path of Innerspace exploration that continues to this day. Part of the catalyst for launching this podcast, is to share more about how I now harness this superpower AND I want to show YOU how you can AMPLIFY this innate gift for your own success, wellbeing and Innerspace exploration.

Meet Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance refers to intuitive vision, or what some might call “3rd-Eye Vision”. This often includes the ability to see full blown visions (which I’ve had), flashes of events, seeing symbols or objects or “scenes” playing out in your mind – much like the “movie screen” story that I shared with you. 

Clairvoyance is what some may commonly refer to when they think of ‘psychic readings’ or can often conjure up images of old-school fortune tellers. But this gift is MUCH more than HOCUS POCUS stereotypes. 

This ability can extend beyond current or linear timelines (meaning future or past, but we’ll get WAYYY more into quantum TIME and timelines in other episodes). 

Examples might include: Seeing flashes of light, sparkles, or shimmers…orbs or movement or objects in your peripheral vision, yet when you turn to look (with your physical eyes) you actually see nothing. 

You may see images in your brain, have dreams that feel predictive or seem very real, see colors or auras around people, animals, plants or places (I’ve definitely seen auras around people and have an interesting thing that sometimes happens out in nature with plants that I call “the shimmer”. 

If you’ve ever seen the movie, The Celestine Prophecy, they show something similar to the “shimmer” that I experience – it’s really just seeing the multidimensional energy blueprint of the plants. I’ll share more about that in future episodes.

 Meet Clairaudience 

Clairaudience refers to intuitive hearing and may include sounds, words, voices, or music (yeahh, you may hear actual song lyrics, snippets of poetry, prayers or specific words or phrases). 

Some examples might include: hearing your name called when alone , hearing music when none is playing, hearing messages/warnings (and yes – “get out”/ “MOVE” or “STOP/GO”) can be common messages from this Clair. 

It may also include buzzing or ringing in the ears, (although there are a lot of things that can cause ringing in the ears, so PLEASE keep that in mind and definitely reach out to a medical practitioner if you think you may have actual hearing concerns).

Our 3rd Clair is Clairalience

Clairalience refers to intuitive smell. It can be common for one to smell scents that are not actually physically present in the room, similar to how I describe smelling something sweet like tea or soup in the earlier story. 

Examples of Clairalience can include: Picking up the smell of flowers, the scents of candles, clothing or the cologne/perfume of a deceased loved one, the smell of burning, natural smells (certain trees, moss, lake/ocean etc.) or even sour or acidic smells when in a place you might feel uncomfortable.

Meet Clairsentience

Clairsentience refers to intuitive KNOWing by FEELing. One might FEEL the vibration, energy, or emotion of a person, place or object. This Clair comes through for me HOT! I am very tuned into the energy of places and spaces and will often then smell or SEE scenes from the past & the future, while also getting that sense of KNOWING from FEELing the energy of the space or place. 

I actually had a VERY intense response when I visited New Orleans a couple of times pre-Hurricane Katrina. When the Hurricane did happen I had a very physical response to the intense emotions of the collective in response to those events & fell into a deep depressive state for several weeks after. 

But something else happened…as I watched the news reporting the floods I actually had a flashback to when I was there. I remembered having a dizzy sensation and super quick/intense flashes of visions and scenes while strolling along the French Quarter. It was like I had actually tuned into ALL of the timelines of that place and could SEE it all happening at once. 

So I was able to understand that when I was standing on that street, I actually was intuiting the floods. It’s hard to describe, but I saw flashes of the past/present and future all jumbled together at once. 

At the time, I was confused about what I was seeing. It didn’t make sense to me at that moment, standing on the street – but once the Hurricane happened and I saw the devastation on the news, those were actually some of the “future” scenes that popped onto the movie screen of my mind that day. Now that I’m further along on this path, I understand when these “timeline melds” happen. 

It’s very interesting when these Clair’s blend together or overlap.

Clairsentient information or intuitive hits may include: feeling actual physical sensations (e.g. pain, or symptoms of an illness). Many times people refer to a ‘creepy’ feeling in one place or may be warmly drawn into another. 

Recently I had a VERY physical response at a property my friend took me to in Yarnell, AZ. She’s a real estate agent and this property was newly listed for sale. Within a few minutes of walking around this place we both felt warm and a bit light headed and suuuuuper chill, very grounded and very RELAXED. It was an amazing vibe and the effects of that place lasted for hours…we both didn’t want it to end! It hit us both at the same time & my friend was like…”do you FEEL that?” I don’t know what was going on at that property, but it had good juju.

OK – Our final Clair is Claircognizance:

Claircognizance refers to DEEP intuitive KNOWing. This is different from Clairsentience in that it is an understanding, specific knowledge, or a ‘knowing’ without explanation or physical reason. 

These types of intuitive hits may include: bits of information from the past, future or multidimensional versions of you (and YES, incase you’re not quite there yet, we ARE multidimensional beings – there’s ALL kinds of info online about quantum physics and the multiverse, so I’m not going there today! But definitely stay tuned to future episodes where I’ll bring in the experts to walk us through that portal).

Examples of Claircognizance include: knowledge about a place never visited before, the ability to find lost objects, instant “hits” of creative ideas or ‘downloads’, or an immediate awareness of whether something is a positive or negative idea.

I remember listening to an interview once with Bestselling author of The Joy Luck Club & multiple other books – Amy Tan. I was captivated as she told the story of how pieces of research for parts of her novels or characters would seemingly just “find her”. 

She talked a LOT about how her intuition would lead her to certain libraries and books stores, down certain isles, and to reach for certain books. As if they were just leaping off the shelves, opening to JUST the right pages for her to find the “clue” of the next bit of information that she needed to continue to flesh out her character or plot line. 

(Her story also touches on the awareness of signs and synchronicities, which I’ll cover more in-depth in future episodes.) If I can find the interview with Amy Tan, I’ll put it in the show notes.

Claircognizance is essentially the Clair I tuned into when making both the decisions to leave St. Louis (where I grew up) and to move to Phoenix in 2008 AND to then leave Phoenix to move to Prescott, AZ in 2018. I’ll share more about those two incredibly serendipitous events in later episodes as well.


Well my fellow Innerspace surfers…I don’t want to overwhelm you in this first episode. So I’ll leave you with this quote from the wise, wild and weirdiful Clarissa Pinkola Estés, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves

“practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; and then act upon what you know to be true. these intuitive powers were given to your soul at birth.”

Mmmm…Yes. They. Were. And I’m here to help shine a lot on YOURs, so that you can tune IN & dive DEEP my friend.

Episode Outro:

Well my fellow Innerspace Surfer – that’s a wrap for Episode 1! If you enjoyed this episode, be on the lookout for the on-demand course coming SOON to, where we’ll dive deeper into working with the Clair’s. Are YOU on the email list? If NOT be sure to hop on over to stay connected and in-the-know for this and future launches! Stay tuned for more spirited stories, innerspace best practices and practical magic. This first season of the show, we’ll be learning more about Intuition, Signs, Symbols and Synchronicities and we’ll also hear from Soul-Centric business owners, cosmic creatives and high vibe disruptors of old-school paradigms. 


Thank you SO much for sharing your time and space with me today & for tuning IN. If YOU enjoyed this episode of the Cosmix Innerspace Podcast, please leave a review on iTunes or share this episode with a friend, who might enjoy summa this juicy goodness! I’d LOVE to stay CONNECTED with YOU – on Instagram you can find me @kammiekdotcom – where I DO share a LOT more Cosmix vibes on Insta stories & I’m @kammiekdotcom on the Facebook. And of course, we can ALWAYS stay connected via the Cosmix Innerspace Mothership over on the blog at OoooKay. Until next time – I’m sending you stardust & SO. Much. LOVE. Muah!

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