The Dark & Twisty Stuff

Was listening to a healer/channeler today talking about how so many of us humans are feeling anxious about 2020 & making it a BIG new year!

Or some are feeling anxious about 2020 & the craziness we see playing out in politics & nature etc. Or that people are just feeling anxious in general… and how those of us who are “doing the work”, “warriors of light” or ”woke” are always trying to purge it! Heal it! Let it go! Remove it!

She then had everyone to take a DEEP breath & asked that we notice in those moments what’s REALLY making us anxious?

That the simple act of acknowledging its presence (oh hi there anxiety…what are you here for? How can I help you? Whatcha wanna bring to my awareness today?) can ease it, soothe it, calm it down.

Feel it to heal it

She also said that our anxious, dark & twisty parts are “part of what makes our magnificence magnificent”. Mmmm. Simmer in that for a minute...


She also said that our anxious, dark & twisty parts are “part of what makes our magnificence magnificent”. Mmmm. Simmer in that for a minute…

A good reminder that playing the game “BEing Human” is a full spectrum sport. We’re here to experience ALL the things. Not just the joyful, happy, light & cosmic. But also the dark & twisty & uncomfortable & anxious. It’s how we grow, evolve, unfold, up-level.

So next time anxiety starts to creep up on ya, remember it’s part of what makes “your magnificence magnificent”.

I see you. I’m cheering for you. I love watching you shine. Keep glowing & growing…

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