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Welcome to the Innerspace Station- we’re so happy for your arrival! The Innerspace Station is your online resource for Soul-Centric, Creative and Conscious Innerspace best practices – for those who are growing businesses (maybe for the first time ever), or launching creative projects while innovating and impacting in positive, inclusive and dynamic ways. We are here to support and nurture YOU, self-care, mental health and spiritual wellbeing.

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The innerspace station podcast

We demystify the mystical, and provide practical magic for everyday alchemy. We honor an intuitive and spirited lifestyle and it’s our core desire to challenge, champion and celebrate the many weirdiful and unique expressions of YOU!


Go inward

Cosmix Innerspace Camp

A guided 9-week journey for creative bad-asses, small biz owners and New Now leaders looking to DEEPEN your Innerspace Best Practices to elevate, LAUNCH and glow-UP from the INSIDE out. Camp is only open 3 times per year, so make sure you sign up to be notified when sign-ups are open!



Up-level wellness in the workplace

The Inner Space Station provides several resources to support your Workplace Wellness program. We know how important building a culture of mental and physical well-being at your workplace is and have designed these wellness resources to help you and your employees find ways back to mental health and well-being, so that your team members can shine from the INSIDE out.

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