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Episode #7: Soul Centric Biz Spotlight Meet: Jaime Love of Elevated Alchemy

episode #7

Jamie Love



"All of a sudden I can feel everything. Like once, you know, once the blockages are cleared, the energy can channel and move through in a different way."

Welcome Innerspace Surfer…today’s episode fits into both of our on-going series, Soul-Centric Biz Spotlight & Demystify the Mystical. Eavesdrop in on my chat with my Instagram, turned real-life friend Jamie Love.

Jamie is a self-proclaimed truth telling, eternally curious introvert with a passion for all things natural, organic, neuro-psych and healing based. Her personal journey towards becoming a light and shadow alchemista began over 20 yrs ago when she birthed her three children, and her first business Jamie Love Photography.

Through light-writing with amazing photography clients, consciously journeying through motherhood, world travels, major physical injuries, grief, loss, and subsequently navigating the waters of CPTSD, Jamie was shown a path of liberation through the art of vibrational medicine, somatic based yoga therapy, mindfulness meditation and pranayama.

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What We're Exploring

on this episode, we're talking about:
  • How Jamie came to learn about the power of flowers

  • Jamie's journey to starting her business while being a single mom

  • How Jamie became a Bach practitioner

  • How flower remedies can help others

Audio Transcript

KammieK: Welcome interspace surfer. Today’s episode fits into both of our ongoing series Soul Centric Biz Spotlight and demystify the mystical. Eavesdrop in on my chat with my Instagram turn real life friend, Jamie Love. Jamie is a self-proclaimed truth-telling runaway curious introvert with a passion. All things, natural, organic neuro-psych and healing based. Her personal journey towards becoming a light and shadow alchemy sta began over 20 years ago with three children and her first business Jamie Love Photography. While working with amazing photography clients, consciously journeying through motherhood, world travels, major physical injuries, grief loss, and subsequently navigating the waters that is C-PTSD, Jamie was shown a path of liberation through the art of vibrational medicine, somatic based yoga therapy, mindfulness meditation, and pranayama. Through the gold mining of her own shadows and deeply exploring human consciousness, Jamie received a deep calling from the universe to share the transformational tools she’s learned along the way with others. 

Her work here on this planet during this time in history is to assist the human collective in elevating our energetic vibration and aligning our personalities to match the original blueprint of our mind, body and soul.

Jamie serves as a light shadow worker in this way and guides you along your own unique journey. Grab a cup of hot tea or your favorite beverage. And let’s tune in for my conversation with Jamie Love. 

Hey there, happy Saturday.

Jamie: Happy Saturday. It is a really beautiful Saturday here, actually. 

KammieK: It is. And you’re in upstate New York, correct?

Jamie: That is correct. Upstate New York. 

KammieK: Yeah. What’s the temperature like today? 

Jamie: Oh, you know, it looks to be about 20 degrees outside.

KammieK: So way cold er than here. Cause we’re going to hit like 55 today here in Prescott. 

Jamie: Wow. Yeah, that’s fine. 

KammieK: As you can see the sun is coming in and it does sometimes get a little warm right here, so I’m gonna have to shift, but for now I’m still soaking it up.

Jamie: Yeah, I know it’s been really, we had a snowstorm not too long ago. And so I’m finally glad to have some sunshine. 

KammieK: Yes. We had a little mini dump and then I saw like a couple of days later, you guys got double whammied. Right? 

Jamie: We got like two and a half feet. I was still sore from shoveling. 

KammieK: I was just going to say, how long did it take you to shovel your way out of there?

Jamie: I had some help from my children, but yeah, it took a while. 

KammieK: Good. Well, at least you got it taken care of your muscles or your muscles are healing. Yeah. My boyfriend, Steve was the same way, like, cause he hasn’t been shoveling in a long time. And so the next day he was like, oh my God, my back hurts so bad.

We were putting CBD, rolling all over. Okay. Well, let’s hop into a little chitchat. So, Jamie and I met on Instagram and I was trying to think, cause I thought it was shorter. Like I thought we had met during the time of COVID, which sounds like a book. Right. Probably live somewhere. And then I kept looking back.

I don’t know why I was on there looking back at some older posts at some point. And I saw your name on there and I was like, oh, we’ve been connected for quite a while. So then we decided a couple of weeks ago to make it legit and hop on zoom and like meet for real and get to know each other, like more dynamically than just behind the screens.

I mean, I guess technically we’re still behind the screen. 

Jamie: In little cubes and boxes, right? 

KammieK: Yeah, exactly. So walk us through your story cause we’re going to chat today. So for the listeners, we’ll just do a little prep. We’re going to hear about Jamie and who she is and in her first incarnation of my awareness with focusing on personal branding photography for soul centric type of business owners, which she is still doing, but has since evolved probably like many also through the COVID situation.

So let’s go into the way back machine, give us a bit of who you are, where you’re from, what’s your about. And then we’re going to have a nice little chat and learn about Bach Flower Essences, which is where a lot of your energy is focused currently. 

Jamie: That is true. So how far back do you want me to go? 

KammieK: You know, maybe like where did you grow up? What part of the country that helps kind of give everybody a framework of sort of, you know, values, beliefs culture. 

Jamie: Totally. So I was raised in Connecticut actually. I grew up in Connecticut and it was just me and my mom growing up. And I, you know, went to school. I was like the artist in school.

I was like the superlative class artist, you know? And I went on to study photography at Ringling college of art and design. I went to college for photography for many years. I got out of college. I sorta kinda started a photography business. And then that was, this was, we’re talking like I’m dating myself here, but this is like in the 2000’s here.

And that’s when all the digital stuff came out. So it made all of my equipment and all of my training sort of obsolete. 

KammieK: Right…That transition. Cause that transition happened then right. The late nineties, early two thousands stuff started going more digital. 

Jamie: Yeah, exactly. So I was like right in the middle of that transition.

And so I had a photography business kind of going. And then I ended up pregnant with my son and that started me on a whole other level of you know, self-exploration as a mom. 

KammieK: So when you say that what did it bring up? What do you mean by that? 

Jamie: Well, you know, so usually when people, well, I’ll say typically when people have babies, they’re like, yeah, I’m going to have a baby.

It’s going to be this wonderful experience. And yeah, everything’s wonderful and hunky too. That’s not how it went down for me.

That’s not how it went down for me. When I was three months pregnant, I developed Crohn’s disease. My body freaked out. I was sick, the entire pregnancy, and then my son’s father abandoned us and I was just left on my own to deal with Hey lady with the baby. I was just, I was the lady with the baby.

I was really stressed out. I was freaking out 

KammieK: And you had no Crohn’s symptoms before that. It just literally came on during your pregnancy, which is interesting because you and I share the crones and another person that I had worked with his wife had Crohn’s, but he said when she was pregnant, it was almost as if the hormones overrode it and gave her superpowers.

And so she didn’t have symptoms and didn’t feel sick at all during her pregnancy. And didn’t have to be on her meds.

Jamie: Yeah, that’s what happened in my second pregnancy. You know, it’s just like every kid is so different in what they bring through with, into your body and into your everything.

So, so yeah, when I had my first son, I was just a wreck. I was trying to figure out how to function and exist and manage this major debilitating illness. And that’s kind of what initially led me to explore flower remedies. You know, I had gone to a doctor and this was around the time my son was 18 months old.

I finally was like, okay, I’m going to go, you know, maybe get this looked at. Or, I mean, I had already had it looked at, they told me what I had, but I mean, I was breastfeeding. And so I felt like I couldn’t take any of the medicine or any of the stuff. Cause I didn’t want it to affect the breast milk.

KammieK: And what kind of when they diagnosed you, meaning I’m assuming traditional Western medicine docs, what did they prescribe?

Do you remember what kind of meds that was? 

Jamie: They were trying to, so they told me to take prednisone and I said, no. And then they, and then I went back, you know, 18 months later after saying no to the prednisone and they said, it’s so bad. We need to take a piece of your colon out. And I said, I’m 25, you’re not taking my colon apart. Let me figure out what I can do about this on my own. And so then it was, then I started getting really serious about, you know, the healing and not just being a breastfeeding mom, martyr. It was very self-sacrificing for my son. And, you know, so then, you know, I started exploring flower remedies and it was very fascinating to me at the time, you know, looking at the different emotional spaces I was in and seeing how the patterns had created all kinds of discord in my system.

So I started slowly unraveling that it was puzzle pieces and there’s, it’s so multilayered, you know? So then, you know, I did the flower, I did the flower essence therapy and that was wonderful. I kind of got my life back on track. I met my daughter’s father. And then, you know, obviously went on to have her, and then everything was great.

And then he ended up being incredibly, physically abusive. So then I found myself again, solo parenting, but then like with two kids. And then my breaking point, my literal breaking point that really catapulted my healing journey was when I was in a car accident. Maybe if it was actually only a few weeks after the like major abuse incident had gone down and he was like out of the scene, I got rear-ended by a huge truck and it basically broke my hip in three places.

KammieK: Oh my God. 

Jamie: And I ended up bedridden for a good six months, but it was during that time that I really had to look at what was going on in my life. 

KammieK: Yeah. Cause the universe was sending you some pretty big, literally like slamming into you.

Jamie: Yeah. Like everything, like all root chakra, like hi, look at all your safety and security.

And so, so it was during that time that I, you know, ended up studying to become a Bach flower practitioner because my, the way my brain works is like, how do I word this? Like I wasn’t content to just sit there, you know like I needed to do something about it. And I needed to evolve my life in different, in a different way.

And I was exploring the flower remedies through my own practice. And so I, and I, and they were so potent and helpful for me energetically through that experience. I mean, I feel like had I not had my plant allies, then I might not have gotten through it with as much grace as I did. 

KammieK: I love that you call it that.

So, and the other thing that’s interesting too, is the juxtaposition, I guess, of such physically violent, chaotic things happening. And these appear on the surface, and I can’t wait until we hear more about them, right? Just more gentle you know, allies, you know, showing up in your life to help you walk through that part of your journey.

And then the other thing that I’m curious about, and I know you, and I touched about it on our solo call a couple of weeks ago. So how are you getting through this? Is that when your mom came in to help you. 

Jamie: Yeah. My mom took a leave of absence from her work and she came and she stayed with us for probably like four or five months until I was able to walk again and be like a functional, you know, actually doing the work of care, like physically caring for a two and a five-year-old. 

KammieK: Literally couldn’t physically get out of bed. Your body was torn up and you had two little kids and you were on your own and you were still trying to sort out, you know, your spiritual, emotional, All of the layers of that.

And then like, how am I going to support myself in these children? And what is that going to look like? Right. 

Jamie: Yeah. Yeah. That was a piece of, it was like, oh gosh, you know, I, my, I didn’t know when the accident happened, like what my recovery was going to look like. You know, I had gotten a lot of different prognosis from like, you might always have a limp too, you’re not gonna able to carry heavy things ever again, too. Like, oh, you’ll be fine. You know, it was like a very wide gamut. So, you know, in my mind I was looking for different ways to potentially make an income and to survive and do something that I love and, you know, work from home. I’ve always been a homeschooling parent.

So having a business that I could do from home was always really important to me. And helping people in general, you know, the, in the many different ways that I do. I tended to always be that friend that people, you know, people would call me with all of their stuff. I would just help them unravel it.

In a very like practical way. And so it was a very natural transition to becoming a Bach flower practitioner because it’s sort of what I naturally did on its own, but now it had this beautiful framework and these ways of helping people. So, yeah. So yeah, I, you know, I went through that experience.

I came out of it, a Bach flower practitioner with a lot more self-awareness a lot more patience than I knew that I was capable of existing with. Yeah, it really changed my life in a beautiful way.

So I was just going to say like whenever some kind of accident or eruption happens, even at the moment when it was happening. When I was sitting in the car and the car, I was looking in the rearview and I saw the truck coming and I knew it wasn’t going to slow down. My thought was, okay, universe, what is this?

What do you what is this, like, what are you going to, what is this here to show me? You know, I always had that awareness. That’s I’m about to be taught something. 

KammieK: That’s a pretty big lesson. Yes. So I’m curious with the flower essences and on your journey with them as healing, as healing allies, as you call them, were there, was it like a longer slower evolution through that?

Or were there moments of like you started working with one specific flower and there was like an immediate, you know, shift or awareness or illumination, how did that work for you personally? 

Jamie: So, you know, the first, when I was, when I had my son, initially, when I first started using the remedies back then, I was also working with a therapist who was like, she was a psychotherapist.

I was going for counseling to work through that, through the grief of being abandoned and all of that. And she just, she happens to also be a Bach flower practitioner. And so every week I would go in for counseling and, you know, and at the end of it, she would, she’d give me a bottle of remedies. 

KammieK: Very cool.

Jamie: And I was like, and I noticed back then that my transition out of that, like victim mindset or like that really bogged down, I’m a single mom. Oh, right. My transition out of that was like, Like it just like, I just got out, like I just shifted so quick and I was, and I attributed it to the remedies. And so I’d say that it was a combination of remedies and it was very specific to what I was going through at the time, the different emotional states I was in there was definitely particular flowers that were like, like definitely my flowers, like what I would call now, like a type flower, you know, everyone tends to have a type, but there was also a catalyst flower that like worked as a catalyst for me.

So it was a combination of like a bunch of different things and being present with whatever was coming up in the moment. And then as I went on later to become a Bach flower practitioner, I, you know, I have my own, I have all the remedies now and they’re just there at my disposal. So, you know, if something’s coming up, I can just, oh, just take a little bit here or there.

KammieK: And are they tinctures? Or are there different ways, like teas? How do you, what, how do you actually… 

Jamie: so let me show you real quick.

KammieK: So for the people can’t see you right now. It’s like this traveling briefcase kind of, yeah.

Jamie: Like a traveling case with all of these beautiful remedies in there, basically. They’re they look like tinctures, right? Like in bottom little glass bottles. 

KammieK: Are they Amber bottles?

Jamie: They’re Amber, although they can be blue as long as they’re dark, just to help keep them preserved. You know? So the light doesn’t get into them too much, which is why there are dark tastes as well. So yeah, basically it’s just, you know, a flower essence that’s put inside of either alcohol or glycerin to use, to preserve it.

So you can take them by putting some in your water, you can put them in a room spray, you can put them in your bath, you can just like pulse point them. You can put them in your lotion. So sort of like essential oil, I mean, in terms of the way that you ingest. Right, right, right, right.

KammieK: Yeah. Okay. Cool. Well, do you wanna tell us a little bit more about the transition from more photography as of late into this and then give us a lesson to school us on some basics. 

Jamie: Sure. Yeah. So, all right. So I’m trying to think about where I left off in my story. But yeah, so the car accidents then I’ll like quick, fast forward.

I went on to have another child and have a very harmonious co-parenting relationship now. And I was in a subsequent partnership that ended kind of in a really intense, dramatic way. Again, flower remedies for that. How do I word this? My transition from photography to flower essences. Well, all right.

So I had my photography business and that’s been going all throughout all of that. And the flower essences, you know, back in the back when I became a practitioner, I’d done some training. I’m a Bach flower certified trainer, so I can train people to actually do, I can do level one training.

So I can teach people about the essences and things like that. I had been teaching some classes, but you know, they, there wasn’t a ton of interest locally here with the people in my town, because I dunno, I guess I don’t know why there was interest, but there wasn’t like a ton. It wasn’t financially substantial.

So I leaned more heavily on my photography business. And then, you know, COVID happened is happening. Then I started being like, you know, everyone’s moving their business online. It, I probably could reach a lot more people online with my flowers and it’s something that I had been using on my own.

And in my photography business, I do work with, you know, soul centric, entrepreneurs doing branding photography for them. And oftentimes I would post like very spiritual esque type quotes and stuff on my page, which I think is how we connected on that. You’re like, oh, okay, we’re on the same page here.

KammieK: And I was like, can you come take pictures of me? And you were like on the east coast.

Jamie: I’m like, well, I would come, but COVID right. So yeah, I mean, basically I just decided that my, my more spiritual side, you know, this flower essence Yogi part of me needed its own. Space to be in breath and expand in that I wanted to, you know, keep my photography separate from my more, you know, spiritual side.

Not that they’re not, they’re all interwoven ultimately, but you know, I just want to keep it like, yeah, it needed its own place to grow. And you know, not everyone who likes my photography is necessarily caring about flowers since they’re totally different worlds. And so they needed their own space. And so I created my own space for it. I created the Instagram page, elevated alchemy life. It all came to me just one night. I dunno, I was sitting there. I was like this baby needs a place to, to grow and breathe. And so my previous business, when I had, when I was doing the Bach flower therapy, it was called wise flower healing.

And that was my business. That was my soul, you know, my business name. But then I had dissolved that of the years cause I wasn’t doing much with it and I just kind of let it, and then I was like, this needs to come back in a different form. So I recreated it. I also, and that’s a whole other podcast interview, but I also completed a yoga teacher training through this variance, which was a pick up from where I left off right before my car accident in my car, right before the car accident, I was in a yoga teacher training as well.

So, you know, it was kind of a revisiting of everything I had done and recreation of the space. And now I am able to reach everyone world. Who’s interested in flower essences or who looks up flower essences. You know, they find me, people find me on Instagram and now I have a bigger reach and it’s more of a sustainable business that’s flourishing in a beautiful way. So I feel like both sides of. Get to like stand in who they are and it’s like do their thing. 

KammieK: Yeah. So I love that on so many levels for so many reasons. One, you know, this podcast is sort of one of those things for me, right. Where COVID sort of, I think has given those of us who are tuned in, so I love many moments there.

You talked about intuition without using the word intuition, right. Which is another layer to this podcast that I want to make sure I’m weaving through because so many people aren’t aware that that is what they’re hearing or that’s, what’s coming through and maybe want to start something.

And whether or not it’s even a full-fledged business, maybe it’s a creative project or endeavor of some sort. And, you know, hearing you talk about your story, you’ve listened to that internal voice as it’s come through, you know, and even picking the multiple modalities throughout your healing experience as well and trusting, oh, it’s time to step back into the yoga or it’s time now for the flower remedies to come back, but in a new way, and another iteration of that, I’m giving it some new life, breathing, new life into it.

So there’s so much juicy soul centric, business evolution in there, and also, you know, tuning into your intuition. And you said when you said it came to me one night what is that? Let’s just go a little there for a second. What does that look and sound like for you? I know how it is for me, but everyone’s experience is so different in how we hear it and then whether we acknowledge it or not, and then where you kind of go from there.

Jamie: So, so for me, you know, I was looking, I always, I used to think in black and white terms, it was like, I have to do this or this, this or this. Right. I didn’t see how there could be room for both. And at one point I was talking to a friend and I was like, I knew I needed to offer flowers since therapy on the side again.

And I actually put it on my photography page as like a service, you know, I just looked through, it needed a place where people could book. And then I started thinking like, what’s the common thread here? Like why, why do I do both? Why does all of this speak to me? And I was like, it’s all about light. Photography is all about shadow and light, flower, essences are all about shadow and working.

And I was like, oh, I work with shadow and light. Like, that’s my life purpose. That’s like, why I’m here. And so when I started looking at, you know, well, how did this come through me? It’s I feel like I’ve been through a lot of shit. Right? And like in that, in the shit, in the muck of it, like being in those shadow realms, like learning how to integrate the shadow, learning how to work with what’s showing up it’s a form of alchemy, you know?

And so it’s just, boom. It came to me and then the elevated piece was like helping elevate people, you know, their vibrational frequencies, helping elevate myself as just like get up out of the funk, you know, point of it. So then that’s sort of how it was birthed. It literally once, once I had the name, my kids laugh about this, they woke up the next morning and I had my website done.

KammieK: Wow.

Jamie: There it is. And it is just like, it all downloaded. And then in the morning, they woke up and I was like, look at this website, my son’s like mom you like just busted out a website in one day. 

KammieK: That’s how it works.

Jamie: I was like, yeah, it just came through. And here it is. 

And it had been churning and cooking in my brain for a while, but it just came through on its own. And now here it is. And I’m so grateful too. 

KammieK: Yeah, I love that. I love that. Yeah. I got woken up with a download last night, too, about a post that I need to post on Instagram. I’m like, oh, okay. Oh, okay.

Well, I guess I have my phone notes like that. I just opened up a new note and just kind of, and half the time I’m still in like that in between and the theta state. And so it doesn’t even always make sense fully, but there’s usually a word or two that I’m like, okay, that was the thing. Yeah. Go back there. Yes. Love those, love, those downloads. 

Jamie: How do you constantly, you know, how do you constantly like come up with content? Right. And I’m like, it’s not content. These are just things that come out of my brain for download. So it’s not like a content it’s just cracks me up. Right? Yeah. 

KammieK: There’s a whole Elizabeth Gilbert you know, the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, she wrote, yeah.

So and big magic, which I love her book, big magic. And she even had like kind of a pseudo podcast. It was on YouTube. She just did audio recordings on YouTube of her kind of coaching people through parts of the book. And she talks about that that ideas. And everything’s just like in this cosmic soup, you know, up stirring in the cosmos and it wants to find a host. And so it’ll tap somebody on the shoulder and if that person doesn’t take action on it, it’ll just go bounce somewhere else. So I’m glad that you let it come through. And now I feel like this is the perfect segue to talk more about the flower allies and how that all works.

I’m curious to have like a little mini lesson. 

Jamie: Sure. So, gosh. All right. So I guess I’ll just start by saying, you know, flower, essence therapy as a form of vibrational medicine, it works, it works on an energetic, subtle body slash emotional body level. You know, if you look at the different coaches of the body and the different layers, it’s not like the mental level, it’s, it works on the emotional layer works on the ORIC layer.

And what they do is, you know, I’m sure you’ve probably heard of the map of consciousness levels where there are different emotional states that vibrate at different frequencies. 

KammieK: Yes. 

Jamie: Well, you know, flower flowers, vibrated at a very, very high frequency, you know, up in the two thousands. So like even they say enlightenment is like somewhere around 700 to a thousand, well, flowers are up in like 2000 range.

KammieK: So they’re extra, extra special.

Jamie: Yeah. They’re like their own entities, their own divine, cosmic intelligence. And you know, so basically doctor Dr. Edward Bach is a brilliant man. And this is back in the 1930s that he developed this. He had sort of studied with Honaman who is the creator of homeopathy. . It works similarly ish to homeopathy. And the way that, you know, you get dosed with like tiny micro amounts of the essence of something and it, it just, it helps your immune system or, well, in homeopathy, it works with the immune system, but in Bach flower, essence, it doesn’t work with the immune system.

It works with the emotional layer vibration. And so it jolts it enough to bring, to raise the level of the vibration of the emotional states of the energy frequency in your ORIC field. So that’s like what they that’s like how they work. And so Dr. Bach is also very intuitive, he was a very psychic man.

His life works once he, so this is what I find fascinating is that he used to be a doctor. So he was a doctor. He had a regular doctor’s practice. And then he started observing how people would come into his practice and they would, you know, no matter what the physical state that they were in there, there was like an emotional component.

There was like grief or fear or anxiety, or, you know, there’s all these different threads. So he started really getting curious about the psychological threads of his clients. And then he decided, well, what if I don’t even look at the physical symptoms? What if I strictly look at their emotional symptoms and I just treat them based on their emotional state.

So then he was like working with Honamin and developing, you know, what these bowel nosodes, and that’s a whole other conversation. He was working. He was doing a lot with gut bacteria back then. And like the gut-brain lane, this was before any of this was even like, it is, you know like we know about it now.

And so, you know, he basically he started psychoanalyzing his clients and he came up with like seven categories of emotional states. There’s fear, there’s uncertainty, there’s like insufficient interest in things, loneliness, there’s the category of oversensitivity to other people’s influences in particular there’s despair.

And then the other one is like over caring about the welfare of other people. So he noticed how any of these seven categories within that there would be a multitude of emotional states that could cause somebody to go into a state of disease. And so when he started looking for ways to, you know, get these people out of these funks. He was out hiking one morning and he saw the dew on the, like a morning flower and it came to him.

He was, he noticed he observed how he would react because he’s very intuitive, easy to react to, you know, the flowers and being in the presence of the flowers. And so he started just experimenting and saying, well, what if I capture the essence of this flower, give it to my, give it to my patients. I wonder if that will, and then all of a sudden people started getting well, he was working with them on the emotional level and people started getting well.

And so then he, you know, started creating. It’s experimenting and creating all these different things and doing all these notes and developed a 38 remedies. 

KammieK: I think this is fascinating that the time period you said, because I don’t know about you, but it sounds like, I mean, I clearly we’re cut from similar cloth in a lot of ways, especially the Crohn’s like, that’s just one of, many of the layers.

Right. But in I’m sure you’ve read, you know, this journey that we’re on requires a lot of reading. So we’ve read all kinds of different books. It does seem like there was a lot of downloads coming to people from like the late 18 hundreds to the 1930s. There was a lot of, there’s a lot of spiritual sacred, intuitive healing writing that came through then.

Right. So it’s also fascinating to me because to read about history, you would be like, and how did he approach his clients and be like, hey, I’m not going to treat you for the thing. Take this flower, essence, you know, like how much of that was he? Even I’m curious. Right. Probably revealing to them. Like he probably was keeping it maybe a little more on the science-based side.

Jamie: I don’t know specifically, but I do know that there was a lot of different perceptions about him. Like some people thought, oh, he’s lost his mind. 

KammieK: Well, like, because when you opened the, when you opened the briefcase or the case with all of the bottles, the first image that came to my mind was during that time period, or a little earlier than right.

When people would roll into town with the, the horse-drawn kind of carriage with the medicine cabinet that would open. And, you know, some people were all about it and other people were like, they’re snake oil salesman, you know? And so, and there always is, and there still is today, right? There’s still people today though.

Like all that stuff is done and it’s like the CIA released documents that, you know, we’re multidimensional beings and we can astral travel and all this stuff. How is it still. Oh, that’s fine. Why is this question anymore? They are higher evolved. You know, that stuff’s actually the way we’re divinely designed to tune in and tap into this.

So it’s, anyway, it’s just fascinating though, that time period, that era where it seems like a lot of stuff was coming through and it’s just been iterations of that since then. 

Jamie: And yeah, well, as the technology has expanded, you know, then they’re able to expand on the knowledge. So now, you know, with the gut brain health, now we have all these instruments that can measure, you know, how the, the gut biome does affect the brain.

And it does affect our thoughts and vice versa and how that all works back then it was more, they just, they observed, they could have like, Bach could observe how that would, but there was no way that to measure it. Yeah. So I think the way that things are being measured now is fascinating. And even with the Bach flower essences something I’m interested in exploring to further, my awareness is just through Kirlian photography and the way that they photograph the essences.

Which I don’t know if you’ve heard of Kirlian photography, it’s aura photography is a way that they can, you know, measure the light frequencies based on the photons that are coming off of different parts of your body and fingers and different ways that they measure that. And there’s actually this amazing Russian scientist.

I can never pronounce his name properly. It’s Korotkov. I don’t know how to say it. He developed this amazing instrument called the Bio-well which they’ve been doing a lot of studies with that measure, the light frequencies before and after meditation, before and after flower essence therapy.

And they’re like, so then now they’re able to. Like the effects of these things. They’re so cool that we’ll be able to measure these things. Then people can’t say that, you know, they’re crazy. 

KammieK: Right? Well, because there’s so many people who are like, you know, proof, proof, I want proof. And it’s like, well, what actually is proof also because there’s tons of things that have come about. And we think we have proof and then another evolution of it come, more information, more data is gathered and it’s different than what we initially thought or thought we had proven. So, yeah, I guess I’m more fluid and flexible about proof. I love that too. So I have had an aura for photo before, and then now I don’t know if you’re on the Tik-Tok with the kids.

I say kids, there’s plenty of people, our age on Tik TOK. There’s a whole spiritual Tik TOK. There’s a witch Tik TOK. There’s all kinds of versions of on there, but there’s an app that some people are using that does exactly that, where it kind of looks like an aura around a person’s body, but if you hold up a pen, there’s nothing around the pen, but if you hold up a crystal, then there’s an aura around the crystal.

So the holdup. You know, live living things that have, or as an energy’s. Yeah. 

Jamie: Isn’t it sad though, that we need these instruments to tell us that these things are alive. We’ve stopped, like just tuning it.

KammieK: Well, and it’s funny cause I have my crystal crystals, they just speak to me. It’s interesting. Like I’ve even taken crystal courses to learn about them and it’s like, I don’t even honestly need all of that. I just, you know, there’s certain ones that resonate with me. Do what? 

Jamie: Just try them out. Yeah. There’s certain ones that are just like anything long enough. You’ll understand what’s happening.

KammieK: Yes. And they’re little magical mystical creatures. They’re so amazing. And I’ve had visions and dreams about being in the caves where it’s like the giant you know, crystal pillars and still like tights and still like mites and whatnot. And then you see the pictures of these minds that they discover, you know, in Mexico.

And it’s like, oh, those are real. Those are real places. And, you know, So it’s so interesting. So, okay. What what else do we want to get into about the actual different, I know we can’t go through all 38, but maybe let’s play with a few. I know you posted a post about Aspen. And I said, I wanted to learn a little more about the quaking Aspen.

So I’ll just jump in with a little personal part on my Crohn’s journey. So I am still taking pharmaceutical meds. It has been a dance physically, obviously that’s I still haven’t done my whole podcast on that and I will. But right now they’re managing my symptoms. I have quality of life that I did not have for the two years that I was violently, definitely ill.

And I’m still exploring all of these other modalities, which I did a whole deep dive when I was super, super sick with some of it couldn’t even get through it because it was so amplified and so noisy. Right. Like it’s almost like it’s just flared and you have to let it take its own thing. Yeah. It’s kind of like an angry storm within you.

And I was just like, I just need to like back off it a little bit. So all that being said, you posted this post about the quaking Aspen, and part of what has been on my healing journey. I knew it was moving here to Prescott. I was living in Phoenix for 10 years, the overstimulation of the city one, my job, which I had come to realize first.

And then two, I realized I needed to get out of the actual city and I loved Phoenix. I had a great community and I loved where I lived. It just got to be too much stimulation. I realized, I started to realize like how sensitive I actually was empathically and picking up so much of this frenetic energy that was going on there.

And then it came to me that I needed to move here to Prescott and it came pretty quickly once I realized I needed to go. And then the aspen of here in the quaking Aspen specifically are everywhere. And I love when I’m outside and going on walks or hiking through the trails on the, in the mountains up here.

And I have been so drawn to them. So when you posted your posts, I was like, I resonate so much with what you were saying. So maybe share that one as a jump off. 

Jamie: Yeah. Well, every, you know, every flower essence, some of them, if some of the flowers come from tree buds, right? So they’re not necessarily flowers.

You know, every flower essence has its way that it behaves in nature that sort of mimics what’s going on in our energetic system. And so with aspen in particular, if you look at an Aspen tree, it’s not just one single tree. The root systems are actually intertwined and it creates this whole sub terrain network that communicates with one another.

And so one where like one leaf will pick up on a wind or like a vibe and it’ll start their leaves shake. And they have a very distinct sound. And so, but when one part of the tree or the system starts to do that, it sends a signal and then the whole, so like you’ll be in an area.

And then all of a sudden the whole thing will start shaking. And so, you know, it’s fascinating because Aspen as a flower remedy is used for, it’s a fear it’s in the fear category and it’s for when you have unexplainable anxiety that you just like, feeling like this uneasy, apprehensive vibe, something bad might happen.

And like, they’re not really, you’re reluctant to talk about it. So oftentimes this is seen I work a lot with children and often these are the kids that have night terrors or like things coming up. And it’s what I find more often than not is that these children or these adults, or any of these people are very telepathic and they’re picking up on something that nobody else is aware of and it’s not their stuff.

And it gives them this uneasy feeling. And so, you know, that’s the Aspen as a remedy is to sort of antidote that, to like, bring back in your sentence. Like, oh, okay. I can relax into the moment I can receive. What’s being shown to me, but that’s not mine and I don’t have to take it into my body.

So that’s like one example of like how a flower essence works and why it works in that way. It’s definitely a fascinating remedy and powerful. So, and even like, there’s one, there’s a remedy called Mimulus. Mimulu s is also in the fear category. And it’s also, you know, it’s a very yellow flower. And so it has like this brightening effect, you know, so there’s different hours have different effects in the way that energetic vibrational awareness to us. 

KammieK: Is there any that specifically seem to show up more frequently as a, like, Hey, for me. So like with the crystals, right?

Like amethyst always. So clearly there are elements of amethysts that, that always help. Soothe calm, lighten, whatnot for me. 

Jamie: I’m moving my camera. Cause I only have to look at my phone here, technological things. All right. Let me just plug myself in here. Switching the scene here. 

KammieK: Yeah. This is what we deal with in 2021. Right. But I just don’t real time tech stuff, real time check thing. Okay. 

Jamie: All right. So, you know, there are definitely remedies that the Bach center keeps track of that’s like, what are the number one sellers, you know? And it’s interesting to see what the number one sellers are depending on the year.

Hmm. I always find that fascinating, but one of the number one flower remedies is Walnut and. Walnut is it’s called the link breaker remedy. And I don’t know if you study any like pagan things, but black Walnut holes are often used in like energy breakage.

Like when you’re trying to break, cut cords with negative entities in the black Walnut, which is interesting. Cause I don’t think that Bach was like at all tuned into, you know, from the countryside of England. So I don’t think that he was tuned into that necessarily, but I think it’s fascinating the common threads right.

So Walnut is considered a link breaker remedy and it’s used specifically during life transitions. So if you’re going through menopause or pregnancy and you’re having a hard time with the integration, you know, stuff like that. So, so that’s a very popular remedy. Another really popular flower is the star of Bethleham.

Which is it’s the remedy for trauma, you know, it’s the remedy for anyone who’s gone through like a big T or little T trauma is subjective. Trauma in different ways. And so, you know, it was kind of restores. It’s like this energetic restoration, if you look, it’s like a five pointed star and it’s like this holy star and it’s like, oh, and you can feel it, you know.

KammieK: I’m in my mind going, do I know what one of those looks like? I don’t think I do. 

Jamie: Yeah. I don’t have a picture of her. I’ll look it up. But it’s for trauma. It’s for grief. You know, stuff like that, incidents, losses, car accidents that I, that was what I took from my car accidents. And I definitely felt personally. Know, like when I say allies, like if you have an energetic ally, I don’t know if you’ve ever anybody who’s ever had healing work, done energy healing work knows that feeling.

When you feel like a presence of something that’s there to help you. It’s just like, you feel it and you can’t describe it. It’s not like a, they did this thing and then I felt this way. It’s like, okay, something’s shifted. 

KammieK: And that’s back to the conversation we were having before, where I think there’s so much about like, prove it and thinking mind and mental illness and Intel and intellectual and intellectualizing and analyzing.

And it’s like, a lot of this stuff is feeling energy, energy stuff is feeling stuff, not thinking stuff. Right. When you shift your energy, it can trigger creative ideas that are more thought based. Right. But like first it’s tuning into and tapping into your feeling circuitry. 

Jamie: Yeah. And there’s a big thing it’s, you know, With any, and this is what I find fascinating about this system in particular, you know, there’s 38 remedies and everybody can experience some level of trauma, but how and why, and the emotion that’s attached to that trauma is different for everybody. So like you and I could have the same exact trauma, same exact thing, we lived in the same house, but maybe you internalize it to me and I’m not good enough. Something’s wrong with me. Or maybe I internalize it, you know, that I become overly strong-willed and I’m going to fight against it. You know, like we all have these different soul paths, these dharmas and these different samskaras and these different levels of why we’re here, you know, our dharmic path.

And so I find this system really fascinating to work with because it’s so unique. Right. I wrote a post about this recently. There’s some people out there doing flower essence therapy that have a lot of combo they’ll create combination remedy formulas, they’ll say like willpower in a bottle, you know, or they’ll say, you know, you’ll just any of those number of things.

And then they’ll put these remedies in, you know, that are, that say they’re for that thing, but I really don’t advise blanket remedies in that way because how one person interprets their willpower is so different layers of emotion related to that are so specific and unique that it was kinds of that there might be something in the bottle that you don’t need, you know, something else energetically.

So, so I don’t recommend those, but You know, it’s really a path of self-awareness like learning what emotions do come up when you’re triggered, when you’re not triggered, how you want to feel vibrationally into alignment with that. 

KammieK: So walk me through, if I come to you as a client, which I we’ve already talked about, I can’t wait to explore and find out who my allies are.

Walk me through that sort of like intake. What is that initial experience? How do we get started? 

Jamie: Yeah, so, so generally when somebody comes to me, the first thing, you know, the person, that’s a cool, why, why, what what’s going on for you that brought you here. And sometimes some people very, like I’ve got crones, I’ve this I’ve got really bad arthritis that’s making me crazy. You know, it could be a physical thing. It could be emotional. It could be that they’re just going through a really hard time in life and they just need a boost, you know, check in with them and see like, what specifically is going on. And then I ask a lot of questions.

It’s like, okay, well, so that’s going on for you? How are you taking that? Like, how are you interpreting that? Like, what does that feel like in your body? You know, where do you feel that in your body, when you feel that in your body, how do you react? So there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of deep questions that get asked and it’s a lot of, it’s intuitive for me, you know, like based on what I’m picking up on from a person, you know, I can feel things.

I, I don’t really put that out there, but I pick up on things, you know, and I have a way of asking questions that really gets to the core emotion, because there’s going to be layers of emotion, you know, I like to get to, well, what’s really tripping you up. And so then we, you know, from there, some people it’s like, okay, there’s just like one or two remedies that are screaming out.

Like, hi, I’m totally ready to hang out with this person. And then other times it’s like, whoa, okay. There’s so much going on here. So let’s figure out what’s the most important. What do you really need to focus on? What’s the most important thing for you to focus on? And then we’ll work with just those. I don’t ever, give more than that.

You’re not supposed to ever give more than seven remedies in a bottle. I rarely give that many. I usually give, I usually start people off with like two, sometimes three, just to start them off and see what shifts. And so then they’ll take the remedies for a period of two to three weeks, depending on how often they take it.

And that’s intuitive up to them. It’s recommended to take four drops four times a day, but I tell people to take it when things come up, like when your ship getting stirred, go ahead and take your drops. And then we reassess in two to three weeks and see what’s shifted and see what might’ve come to the surface as the result of that shift.

So where somebody comes to me and they’re upset about something, and maybe it’s showing up as fear, you know, that’s the surface level emotion, but then two to three weeks later, it’s like, actually I’m just really fricking angry, you know?

And then three weeks later they’re like, I just want to cry, like it just all comes down to these layers and you work with whatever emotions at the top layer, and then you work your way down. So that’s how I work with people. 

KammieK: And how long can that last can is it different for, I’m assuming it’s different for everyone but typically, you know, on average, what does that exp is it a month? Is it five months? Six months. 

Jamie: I’ve had people that have come to me and they literally came once and they got their remedy and that was all they needed and they’re good. I have this one woman who is struggling with addiction and once we pinpointed where the emotion, that was where it was coming, she took the remedy and that’s her remedy.

And now she knows she goes and gets it whenever she’s triggered and she’s like done. Wow. Similar with children. Children are really receptive to it. Sometimes it just takes one or two. Meeting once or twice. And then once they feel the difference in their energy field, they’re like, oh good.

Some people it’s ongoing. I have a couple of clients that I’ve worked with for a couple of years and they just are really doing some deep, deep soul work. And it really depends on the client and the layers that they’re willing to look at and work with. You know, I’ve had people they’re good.

And then they come back to me three years later with something else, you know? So it really it’s really depends on what’s coming up for the person. I have a couple people who are on my, like once a month program. We have like a once a month check in and then we just see what’s going on and I re up them and they just have their personal, you know, their personal room spray.

That they have in their rooms. I have one client who has her personalized car spray, you know? And then I’ve yeah, so it really varies.

KammieK: Very cool. So the, I’m trying to be aware of our time here too. Okay. So we don’t have to go too far down this rabbit hole, and I know you and I loosely touched on it last time we talked, but I feel like it could be a question that people who are listening may have because there’s so much talk now and it’s so open as far as other plant medicines like Iowasca and 

Jamie: psilocybin.

KammieK: And how does Bach flower, essence and Bach flower remedies differ from those types of experiences? 

Jamie: Well, they’re not going to knock you over the head. 

KammieK: You’re not going to have an Alice in Wonderland experience?

Jamie: No…Although, you know, maybe so it really is dependent. Definitely had I’ve definitely, well, that’s just me personally.

I won’t say that I’ve had, you know, slightly psychedelic experiences with flower remedies, but it’s not like on the visual set, not in the typical way, but more on the energy level. Like I you’re like, whoa. Okay. All of a sudden I can feel everything. Like once, you know, once the blockages are cleared, the energy can channel and move through in a different way.

And you just feel different. You have heightened awareness. And so some people have reported side effects like that, but usually it’s because their perception is more clear, but I would say in general, you know, flower remedies are very subtle. They’re very subtle. Some people don’t even feel anything.

Like they won’t feel a difference. But then when I interview them like a month later and I ask them, oh, so remember we talked about that fit. And they’re like, no, what are you talking about? Like, I’m good. So they didn’t even, they weren’t aware that it was shifting, it can be that subtle.

Whereas I feel like, you know, Iowasca, or psilocybin is very, you know, you go in with a very specific intention and the plant medicine shows you something, it shows you what you need to see. And it gives you this big download, right. I’m one with the universe. Right, and that’s beautiful. Whereas flower essences, I would say are more for like the householder that doesn’t want to travel to Peru and hanging out with a shaman.

KammieK: But once it truly is like what you’re saying what dosing, right? I mean, it truly is. You’re not taking this hero dose. You’re like working it through your day when you’re feeling, oh, maybe something. And even in that it’s helping people Tuned into their intuition. More like, like when you feel the thing coming up, rising up, you know, for me, I went through this whole cycle back in 2005 and 2006, I had a major sort of dark night of the soul experience and like my first kind of spiritual awakening.

And it would come physically into my throat, like would just out of nowhere have this wave of emotion, heat would rise within me. I would feel like I was like all this nausea. And it would just stick in my throat, which was obviously a ton of stuff about speaking, you know, using my speaking up and all of the things.

But I think even those things, like some people don’t connect with, that’s an emotional thing that’s coming forth, you know, or or something like that. So I love the intuitive kind of more fluid of what you’ve described. 

Jamie: And I, and what I love about flower essences is there’s really no. Right. So where in Iowa SCA, you know, you’re gonna puke, you’re gonna not be able to be functional for a day or longer. Whereas with flowers, this is not gonna, it’s not gonna, you’re not going to be tripping. You go to work, you’re going to just feel a shift or not feel a shift, but some shift will be occurring.

There’s no side effects. Like you can take it alongside with medication, you know, there’s whereas you wouldn’t be able to do that with, let’s say something else, you know? There’s no major side effects. They’re safe for children, even with people who have like a history of alcoholism that are blistering based ones.

So they don’t have to have the alcohol ones. I’m really cognizant of that. So yeah, there, it’s just very subtle energy medicine and it doesn’t. It’s not going to knock you over the head. Like I said, some people do report what I call aggravations. And when I talk about aggravations, I mostly mean emotional aggravations, just like an in homeopathic medicine, you know, any, anything that needs to come out of the system rises to the surface. And so sometimes, you know, an aggravation will occur, like maybe you’ll have an aggravated emotional response.

And then it’s like, oh wow, okay. Maybe there’s something under there. I wasn’t looking at, you know, some people who’ve reported aggregational types of things, particularly when I use there’s like catalyst remedies that are designed maybe to provide that sort of but even then, even though it was very subtle and I really, my experience is that it’s all about how receptive you are well too, you know, like receptivity and your willingness to receive the frequency and the energy of what they’re providing you. Yeah. It’s pretty profound sharing so much about it.

KammieK: If people want to find you and learn more about how they can connect with you and also learn more about, I’m assuming there’s potential links also to go down the internet rabbit hole, but where can they find you and book a session or email you or contact you and get in touch? 

Jamie: So they could find me on Instagram, I’m on their elevated

That’s my Instagram handle. And then my website is elevated You can find me on there and book a session there. See what my offerings are. 

KammieK: And I’ll definitely put all this in the show notes. Is there a a book or a website that, that has more information about Dr. Bach and the history of it or where, you know, because I’m very interested in exploring some of those things too just from an interesting, you know, want to learn more about that?

Jamie: I’m a Bach flower certified practitioner. I highly recommend going straight to the source, which is the Bach center. They offer classes with trainers, people like me who teach classes. I am going to be teaching a class in the spring time. I have, I don’t have the details ironed out yet, so I don’t want to say too much about it, but I go through the Bach center, you can find practitioners that are either local to your area.

They have a whole bunch of practitioners. I work with them specifically because the people who are on the practitioner list are dedicated to preserving Dr. Bach’s legacy. They’re not, there’s a lot of people out there that are in our practice but they don’t use the word registered practitioner.

So that’s something to note, actually, if you’re looking for a practitioner, make sure they’re registered through the Bach center, which is of UK it’s in Mount Vernon. It’s the actual house where he made all of his remedies and saw his patients. So it’s a really special place and really special amazing people in the gardens are still there.

And it’s still in tact in this beautiful, beautiful place. So I highly recommend, you know, learning through that avenue and their website lists books that are you know, specifically endorsed by the bok center that are the ones that are most linked to his specific work. So there’s lots of people who have come after him that, that do their own thing.

I don’t know. I’m maybe I’m a little bit more of a, I don’t know, original list or whatever the word is. Right. I go to the source of like where the information came from more so. And I just feel like the integrity of the people at the Boch center is like really top notch in a way where there, it’s not just some money, you know, there’s all those marketing, Ugh, the integrity of the remedies, right?

KammieK: Like you said, there’s a lot of people that are hybriding and going rogue and kind of mixing and combining things. And so yeah, if people are interested in this specific type of thing. 

Jamie: If you get Bach flower remedies, they have on the side of them, lot numbers and there’s like a number and they can trace it back to like literally what year and what flower in what garden and who picked it.

Like, that’s the level of integrity, these people in terms of the quality. Yeah. \

KammieK: That just made me think totally off topic, but it totally made me think of that episode of, oh my gosh, what Portlandia did you ever watch Portlandia with a chicken?

That one and put a bird on it or my two faves? Yeah. Oh my gosh. Well, this is fun. Which is good. You know, we want people who are the flowers and the essence and the spirit. And I love, I love all of that. So. Well, I feel like we could talk for hours and hours and hours, which we will off off of this, for sure.

I’m excited to begin my journey and I’ll keep listeners, you know, I’ll pop in from time to time with updates. I’ll link all of your stuff in the show notes. And the Bach flower. Yeah, but I’m so grateful that we finally hopped on a couple of weeks ago and we’ve elevated it to this platform.

And now more people I’m, that’s really what I’m called to use this podcast for is to just expose people to different potential rabbit holes of their own, to go down and explore. And it’s fascinating that in all of the kind of spiritual and healing work that I’ve done, that I didn’t even know about this.

Like I hadn’t come across this yet. So I guess it was just the right divine time for me to have it drop into my awareness and share it with everybody else now. So I’m excited.

Jamie: I love this. I’m so glad you’re doing this. I feel like it’s really a beautiful thing to connect other people who are doing different modalities and like learn about each other’s craft and yeah.

I learned so much just listening to your other podcasts so far. So thank you.

KammieK: You’re welcome. Yeah, I, and I also love I’ve had a few people, well, I’ve had a few people leave reviews, but I’ve had a few people, several people DM and send me messages and say, this has really helped also because. Even on the business side, right?

Like nobody really knows what they’re doing. Like everybody’s just figuring it out and stepping into it and trusting intuition. And so that’s the one area of focus that I really want to also continue to help people trust and nurture and understand how to hear that and what that sounds like for them uniquely, and then to step into whether it’s a creative project or moving or relationship stuff or whatever, but just, we already have all of our answers within us.

You know, we think it’s somebody outside of us and it’s it’s us and we can access that. So, thank you for trusting your own intuition and stepping into this next level of work for yourself. I’m happy to be in your orbit and to continue to watch this journey unfold for you as well. Yeah, we’ll have a good rest of your day.

Jamie: I will. 

KammieK: And we’ll talk soon. Take good care. So much good stuff today. I hope Jamie’s journey. Both the things she’s personally overcome and the grace with which she’s continued to be an Explorer within her own cosmetics, inner space inspires or weekends, a new. I see within you. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Bach flower remedies.

I know I cannot wait to work with Jamie on the next level of my own healing journey. Jamie and I will most definitely have a follow-up conversation. After I joined forces with my own flower ally team and uncover what each of them has to teach me. You can find Jamie online at or

You can also follow her on instagram at / Be sure to check out the show notes where I’ll go ahead and link up all her information and the many resources we discussed during the show. Thank you so much for sharing your time and space with me today and for tuning.

If you enjoyed this episode of the cosmetics interspace podcast, please leave a review on apple podcasts or share this episode with a friend I’d love to stay connected with you on Instagram, you can find at kammiek.Com, where I share a lot more cosmic goodness, on Instastories.

And I’m at on Facebook. And of course we can always stay connected via the cosmics interspace mothership over on the Okay. Until next time friend, I’m sending you Stardust and so much love.

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