Success & Happiness Series #7 – Create Intuitively

“We must live in such a way that the splendor of our lives, the passion of our lives, and the beauty of our lives reaches out in a flame of divine passion that awakens the divine passion in others.” ~ Andrew Harvey

What would our world look like if we all synced up with our passions and purpose? How can we live more passionately? How can we fully express our unique creativity? Through PLAY time. That’s right.

Get in the sandbox with your kids. Pull out the paint that’s half dried up in the closet and splatter it on something. Dig in your garden. Get dirty. Climb with the kids on the jungle gym. Swing. Slide. Hang from the monkey bars. As adults we often forget that it’s OK to have FUN! When we laugh and FEEL positive energy flow through us, we stir up the goodness and break down the negative mojo in our bodies.

When we feel good, we radiate positive energy and vibrate at a higher frequency, happily magnetizing abundance. Laughter and joy strengthen our intuition and fine-tune our internal signal. We are then able to increase flow and momentum in our daily lives.

Ever had a “gut feeling”? Does your stomach tie up in knots when you think of certain people? Ever get the chills, or “hear” a word or phrase echo in your head? How about “see” a flash or an image? Intuition often comes with no valid evidence.

Next time you feel a tug at your heartstrings, a gut feeling, the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, a wave of energy pass though you, see a flash or image, hear a word or phrase — LISTEN. Our higher selves are trying to get us to “tune-in.”

How can you tune in more easily?

Try these 7 tips:
1) Get plenty of rest. Sleep deprivation makes us fuzzy and can scramble our internal radar.
2) Eat healthier. Treating our bodies like the “brains” that they are, is essential for six-sensory living.
3) MOVE! Moving your body stirs your soul, tuning you in to your internal guidance.
4) Be open-minded. Start trusting your FEELINGS, and go with that sense of KNOWING. That’s spirit talking — don’t question it.
5) Maintain an attitude of gratitude. Saying thank you for your connection to your higher self, your higher power, your higher energy source, helps to strengthen that connection.
6) Quiet down. TV, radio and daily interactions through phone and e-mail can all be overwhelming. Take time each day to unplug.
7) Clean up your space. Visual chaos in your home is similar to the TV and radio racket. Junk causes anxiety. Clutter can scramble out internal radar.

Creating time and space to PLAY opens up that fun channel — allowing for more peace, love, and positive energy to flow into our lives. By “tuning in” to our higher selves and listening for those quiet, yet powerful messages, we can focus on spirit speaking directly to us, and we release ourselves from old, limiting ways of thinking.

“The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.” ~ M. Scott Peck

Our purpose is to live passionately. We are here to love more deeply, laugh harder, work less, play more, take our vacation days, heal our wounds (get the help of a counselor, coach or minister if needed), BE present, speak our mind, trust our gut (that’s intuition), share the wealth, receive our gifts, give from the heart, zone out less, tune in more, love ourselves and the rest will follow.

There is no one-size-fits-all RX to finding your purpose. It’s about tuning into what feels good to you. Your fire is within you. You are whole, complete and perfect just as you are. Right now. When you want to shout, “There HAS to be more than this,” that’s just the beginning!

Be willing to shine a light on your scary places.

Be brave and prepare to be set afire.

No one is going to strike the match for you.

This is your moment.

Shine your light.

Be a star.

What are you passionate about?

How are you living purposefully?

Tune in to your passions and your purpose will reveal itself. Success and happiness guaranteed!

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