Success & Happiness Series #3 – Language of Attraction

“Language shapes the way we think, and determines what we can think about.” ~ Benjamin Lee Whorf

How do your words influence your thoughts? If the Universe brings back exactly what we send out, then we need to be clear about sending out positive messages vs. mixed signals. Are our words creating our thoughts or our thoughts creating our words? How many times have you said, “I hope so”, “I couldn’t”, and “I shouldn’t”?

Example: Jenny wanted to increase her client base. Here’s how Jenny used to sound: “I’m really working hard to grow my business. I just can’t seem to get more clients. It’s constantly one step forward, two steps back.” Do you hear the mixed signals? Jenny is recreating the scenario through her language. So we shifted it.

Jenny’s new business mantra is: “My business is a thriving, financially abundant source of creativity, growth and integrity. Clients are attracted to my vision of highest good and the wealthy supply of benefits only I can offer. I consistently attract the right people who choose my products and services.” Can you hear how Jenny will attract higher quality clients with her positive mantra?

How can you shift your language? Shifting into I AM, vs. I will be, causes the floodgates to open. It’s not, “When I get the guy, the gal, the house, the job, I’ll be good enough, smart enough, rich enough, thin enough.” It’s I AM … insert your desire here.

Watch. I AM loveable. I AM a contagious smile. I AM a multimillionaire. I AM a published author. When you state who you are and insert the words you desire … more of it flows into your life. NOT the other
way around. When we fill ourselves up first — with words of love, joy, peace and respect — only then can we truly be of service to others. Our own wells must overflow, in order to flow over into the lives of others.

Take time out to recharge, re-energize, fuel-up, and fill-up.

Re-framing your language into I AM versus I will be is another step towards achieving your every desire.

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