Success & Happiness Series #1 – Drop Your Baggage

“Everyday I write the book.” ~ Elvis Costello

We hear about “success and happiness” all the time. Yet once it gets down to it, what does it really mean to be both successful and happy?

Everyday, you have the power to begin your novel anew. But are you choosing to write the same old story? Perhaps you work somewhere new. Yet you’re saying, “This place is as crazy as the last!” Perhaps your new partner seems as needy/domineering/unaffectionate as your last partner. How many times are you willing to play out this scenario?

Caterpillars can’t evolve into butterflies until they come out of their cocoon and shed that old, safe, familiar place. Shining a light into the shadows of our hearts casts light on the truth. It doesn’t have to be scary. It can just be what it is: the past.

Staying chained to a worn out scenario keeps us prisoners of the past. By recognizing a relationship, friend, or family member no longer serves our PRESENT situation, we release the past, let go, and shed that old skin.

How might you re-write a new story? Would you hire a therapist? Attend a workshop? Share your “scaries” with a minister? A mentor? Choose the scenario that works for you. Get clear of your past and tune into your present. It’s the first step in moving forward.

Release any anger, resentment, hostility, or negative energy about your past.

Feel it. Heal it. Forgive it. Release it.

The only person it’s weighing down is YOU.

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