~Testimonials here are for ART, writing, coaching & speaking~

We LOVE our new Kammie K art! I saw this piece hanging at Sutra Yoga & knew I had to have it. My daughter reads it out loud every time she walks by!!!

Luz – {purchased Love is my Religion}
“As an ASU alumn, I have had the privilege of working with Kammie through the WP Carey School of Business Career Counseling office. Kammie has been an outstanding resource to me in my career mapping process. She has demonstrated herself to be extremely knowledgeable in the areas of personal brand strategy and career guidance. Kammie has helped me put together actionable plans and timelines for career growth, brand strategy and early-steps of entrepreneurship. I would recommend Kammie to anyone looking to creatively attack their professional goals, as she will draw on your strengths and highlight the most effective ways of communicating them.”
MBA & Marketing Account Exec
“Kammie is a dynamic force in any situation. She is a standout career coach and has a fire that is infectious when she discusses employment strategy (or life, or music, or anything else!). It is a pleasure to work with someone who has the vision to see what should happen next and is excited to see that next step happen! I’ve seen student after student benefit from her insight and expertise – and grow from their coaching sessions with her. If you need to understand what a personal brand is, and how to effectively drive your own – she is your go-to-gal!"
MBA & Career Coach
“I began meeting with Kammie in November of 2010 to discuss strategies and tips to define and achieve my career path. We identified my value-adding characteristics through a strengths finder and how those attributes fit into certain career paths. Then, we spoke about how to communicate those strengths effectively through networking, my online profile, my resume, and interviews. Through these meetings, I became more confident in my personal branding and interview skills. As a result, I interviewed with and received an offer with Bank of America in February of 2011 and will start an internship this summer with their MBA Leadership Development Rotation. I’m extremely thankful for the CMC and especially for Kammie, who shared her insights and skills to help me achieve my professional goals.”
MBA & Assistant Vice President, Banking/Finance

Kammie is an incredibly gifted writer and blogger. She understands people well, and has a passion for passion itself. Kammie knows how to convey wisdom, advice and stories in a way that’s not only informative, but quite entertaining.

Robert – Culture Architect
“Here are a few things you need to know about working with Kammie K: She keeps it real. She tells you what you need to hear, when you need to hear it. She elevates those around her. Working with Kammie over the last few months helped me to see my value in the workplace and gave me tools and language by which to speak to that value. The work we did also provided a measuring stick by which to evaluate decisions in my day to day life and make significant changes in my career. Kammie challenged my belief system and gave me tools to see above the clouds. If your goal is to take steps towards being your best self and truly 'live out', I highly recommend working with Kammie. She’s the real deal and a true gem.”
Marketing & Brand Strategist
“Kammie worked with me on a complete overhaul of my personal and professional branding strategy. As a soon-to-graduate MBA, it is imperative that I present myself to the corporate hiring community in a way that truly represents who I am, and will help me find a professional role that will best match my strengths. Kammie’s expertise on this topic came through in many ways. In just a few short meetings, Kammie was able to help me see the features in my personality and work style that make me so unique. This personal insight enabled me to distill my personal brand. Additionally she showed me how to tactically implement branding in my social media activities, professional resume and job seeking cover letters so that I will project my brand in everything that I do. Most importantly, Kammie’s expertise can be seeing in the way she “walks the walk.” The consistent, vivacious way in which Kammie shares her personal brand provides me an inspirational model to follow! If you’re thinking about improving your ability to share your story with the world, you couldn’t find a better ghostwriter than Ms. Kobyleski!”
MBA & Business Analyst, CPG Industry
"Kammie is amazing at organizing and sharing information. There is a ton of information out there about the current communications industry, and Kammie was able to decipher what would be helpful and pass that on to her students. She really is interested in the success of everyone around her, and I feel very prepared for the work world after college because of her efforts!"
Office Manager

Kammie and I are both contributing authors to the Small Business Branding blog. Her writing always includes a healthy dose of practical insight and most importantly accurately reflects her passion for helping others be the best they can be. I always look forward to her posts.

Nick – Marketing & Strategic Planning Leader
“I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Kammie’s presentations on personal branding at the National Graduate Business Student Services Association annual conference. Kammie shared innovative concepts and ideas, with very concrete examples of usage. Her delivery is fun and inspiring. I left feeling energized about transforming not only my brand, but also about sharing her ideas with students.”
Corporate Recruiting & Talent Management
"There is a giant hole in Lindenwood University’s mass communication’s division now that Kammie has moved on to bigger and better business opportunities. Her energy, ideas and vision gave our students motivation to succeed at anything they were passionate about in the field of communications. We miss you, Kammie! Come back!"
Associate Professor of Communications
"Kammie was my professor at Lindenwood, and one of my favorites. She engaged every class, kept everyone interested by always using relevant information, and really showed her excellent communication skills. After being in her class for one semester she had such an effect on me, I hope that my life will have the same amount of success and happiness and excitement as hers does. Lindenwood really misses her."

Kammie is one of my earliest influences in electronic media. I was casting about for a medium to provide a supportive format for those in need of it when I found Kammie’s site. I recommend her without reservation.

Reg – Professional Development Training