Pinnable Mojo: Your Fire is Within You

Fire flames isolated on black background

Today’s mojo is inspired by one of my all time fav online “shine your light bright” teacher’s, Danielle LaPorte.

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I highly recommend you all listen to this kick-ass and inspiring podcast interview between Danielle and Dean Dwyer.

Danielle just oozes BEING-NESS and self-acceptance. Her voice is silky smoove (yes with a VE y’all) and wisdom emanates through her message.

Give it a listen – it’s like eavesdropping in on some spiritual, life-changing and get your shit in gear kinda goodness.

You can also check out Danielle’s latest book-multi-media-love-work, The Desire Map or her other baby, Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. {And yes, if you purchase from these links, I might get a lil cha-ching back}.

I love sharing peeps and resources to help YOU live the kick-ass work/life you deserve.

Sharing is caring y’all!

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