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There’s so much online and offline chatter about the crazy, wonky, whacked out job search. Through my work as a career coach working with MBA students and alumni at The W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University and my own {amazing, audacious, fabulous) private coaching clients, I can honestly say (from things they share in our sessions) there’s a LOT of crappy advice out there.

However, when Nacie Carson’s The Finch Effect was referred to me by my friend – book birthing goddess and Rich Relationships expert – Elizabeth Marshall (@lizmarshall on Twitter) I shouted AMEN and did a happy dance on my desk (it’s OK – my colleagues are use to my random outbursts).


Nacie didn’t just write a “job search” book, she wrote some of the most solid advice for advancing your career and taking control of your work life out there. This compact (at just under 200 pages) book is jam-packed with juicy, bite sized pieces using her five strategies to “adapt and thrive in your working life”. Nacie’s five step framework for “survival of the fittest” is:

  1. Adopt a gig mindset
  2. Identify your professional value
  3. Cultivate your skills
  4. Nurture your social network
  5. Harness your entrepreneurial energy

What inspired this great work to be birthed into the world in the form of The Finch Effect? Her passion to help people live The Life Uncommon (her popular blog of the same name). Nacie (like me) has a passion for helping people help themsleves. To help people going through the ups, downs and all arounds of this new economy we live in THRIVE.

How do we do that?

You want to do more than just survive in this economy. You want to Thrive.

We are now living in the age of Vocational Darwinsim, where professionals across all industries and skill levels are faced with a simple choice: evolve, or risk going professionally extinct.

I know this because I spent the last three years on a quest to understand success in a post-recession world. I have spoken with financial experts, Human Resource directors, unemployed professionals, economists, and professionals who are thriving in spite of the lagging job market and discovered one thing: the secret to modern career success is adaptation.

This little lady did her homework, and from the looks of the index in the back of the book she put a PhD effort into gathering research and resources to help you move your career forward. I eat, breathe and sleep career and personal development books and resources and I nosh on personal branding articles, blogs and tweets for breakfast…so trust me when I say click on over to Amazon right now and buy this gem of a book.

Ask anyone I’ve worked with and they’ll tell you I’m an evangelist for Linked In and should probably be getting kick backs’s for the amount of people I train on how to use the site effectively to showcase their personal brand! So of course I was nodding my head through the entirety of chapter five – Nurture Your Social Network. Nacie and I agree on having profiles on three major platforms…Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Nacie shares an anecdotal story about Crystal and how keeping her profiles updated and properly using social media netted her more calls from recruiters and landed her many “gigs” via Twitter.

“Social media provides opportunities, networking possibilities, and branding support that can almost instantaneously start yielding rewards. Thanks to my social network, I have had access to an international stream of writing offers, qualified business opportunities, and moral support over the last several years. In fact, I strongly credit my ability to thrive as a freelancer during a recession to the social network I have cultivated.”

I could go on and on, but you don’t want to hear me recite the entire thing to you. Do yo’self a favor…go get The Finch Effect and work through it on your own. As your coach this is more than a gentle nudge – this is a call to ACTION.


If you’re NOT thriving – why not? Nacie Carson & The Finch Effect want to help.

KK’s Soundbites & Takeaways:
“It’s not a tweet; it’s a career strategy.” p. 120
“Entrepreneurial energy and the f-word.” p. 144
“The value of crafting an apb.” p. 64
“Accept change.” p. 40

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