Evolution is Elimination

“To me, evolution is elimination.” ~Erykah Badu

This lightening bolt of a quote struck me. Like knocked the wind outta me. The simplicity of those three elegant words…  “evolution is elimination” just mesmerize me.

I’ve been captivated with the notion of a more minimalistic lifestyle. Not quite ready to pack up my stuff and only unpack the few items I need, like the brave Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus of  The Minimalists recommend, but fancying the notion of a more Zen Habits approach to life.

The serendipity of finding this article as I’m crossing the halfway mark of a 28 day elimination diet/cleanse is even more reason why it caught my eye, tugged at my heartstrings and stirs my soul.

It’s like the Universe is throwing down the gauntlet. “Oh yeah blondie? You gonna keep talking about streamling and simplifying or you gonna REALLY kick it up a notch?”

So I’ve been cultivating my own elimination list and thought I’d share a few I’ve tackled over the years as I continue my own work. Hope these are helpful for YOU.

7 ways to start streamlining and simplifying this dizzy life:

  1. Pay ALL of your bills online. Subscribe online to get your statements emailed directly to you and reduce that mailbox & the recycle bin!
  2. Shop at the local farmers market & bring your own bags. So much food is packaged in giant plastic containers and it feels icky adding to the landfills. So STOP it.

  3. Clean up your inner circle. This is Personal Development 101 folks. If you’re surrounding yourself with clingy, needy, energy sucking people in your inner circle – you clearly haven’t got the emotional and loving support system YOU need. Detach and let go of the “must goes” and have those deeper conversations with the ones that “must stay” and set very clear boundaries. If they ain’t lifting you up sweets…they bringin you down!

  4. Get REALLY honest with yourself about your work environment. If you spend 8+ hours a day in a toxic environment, you aren’t doing your mind, body or spirit any favors. Ask yourself the hard questions and hire a coach, a therapist, or speak with a trusted mentor, minister or your favorite psychic counselor to gain clarity around how to move up and outta that funky ass place.

  5. Clean your closet, under the bed and do the damn dishes already! Everything is energy and junk, clutter and dirty dishes all vibrate at the level of ICK {OK, ick isn’t an official energy state, but it gets the point across}. Now go clean your room! And while you’re at it…

  6. Give it away, give it away, give it away now. Come on, you know you don’t need all those old jeans that don’t fit anyway. Go buy clothes that fit your body NOW {and if you DO get serious about losing the weight, you’ll want to buy new ones anyway}. there are plenty of people that are just waiting to scoop up your stuff from Goodwill, Buffalo Exchange or My Sister’s Closet.

  7. Drop those negative thoughts. This includes cranky, gossipy thoughts about your work nemesis and crusty

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