Activate Your Terrifying & Amazing Dreams

{photo cred: kammie k}

{photo cred: kammie k}

I’ve been on my art journey since about 2013…in just over three years time I’ve come from drawing doodles & being curious about what I might be capable of, to painting on 3×4 ft canvases, taken four online art courses from amazing art teachers & guides, had two solo shows as well as shown & sold my art at various local retailers & restaurants, created various products to test market & research how people might like to buy & share my work & spent as much of my free time reading blogs & websites, listening to podcasts & webinars & doing my due diligence to learn more about the “craft” as well as the “business” of art.

Just last night I committed to the next level of upping my game & signed up for a 12 month group & one-on-one coaching program with a very well known & successful artist. I’m sharing this because I want people to understand that while I believe in the *magic* of the universe & it showing up to conspire to make my dreams a reality, I also KNOW that “one ounce ACTION beats a ton of words” (thank you Jason Mraz for that lyric). If we want to make change in our own lives & inspire others to do the same, we gotta WALK that talk honey.

Talkin’ & wishin’ & hopin’ & dreamin’ are all well & good, but courage, bravery & gumption is what gets shit done & turns the dial up on creating reality outta dreams. There’s no airy-fairy mystical potion or magic pill. Intention + focused & inspired action + desire = dream-into-reality. So we can keep talking about it my friends, or we can BE about it.

What bold moves or brave commitments have you made lately to nurture your big dream? I’m over here cheering you on & celebrating your ‪#‎tinywins‬ with you. You are so much braver than your fear… Elizabeth Gilbert says, “your fear is boring” and it’s also always gonna be there, so strap it into the passenger seat & take it along for the ride, but don’t let that bitch stop you!!

You. Got. This. And yep…so do I.

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