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The short version: Artist. Writer. Speaker. Strategist. Creative Instigator. Inspiration Seeker. Truth Talker. Deep Thinker. Free-Spirit. Culture Vulture. Mystic Mama. Dog Lover. Music. Hiking. Yoga. Dancing. Laughing. Exploring. Loving. Living life as art, and hoping to inspire YOU to do the same. How can I help YOU?

The long version: Once upon a time…{If you want the career highlights only, hop on over to my Linked In profile} in 2006 I started a blog called Passion Meets Purpose, and rocked the blogosphere with juicy posts on personal development, spirituality and how to live a kick ass and inspired life.

I taught communication courses full-time at Lindenwood University, by day and kicked it on the interwebs at night. All the while working with amazing life and career coaching clients, sharing bits-n-pieces of intuitive wisdom as a guest on internet radio shows and podcasts and writing guest posts for other blogs.

2007 and 2008 brought some MAJOR life changes, and I took a hiatus from blogging. In June of 2008 I moved from St. Louis, MO (where I grew up) to sunny Phoenix, AZ.

After working as a recruiter with an interactive marketing agency my first year in PHX, I spent the next year as a solo-preneuer. My passion for personal growth had morphed with my mad crush on personal branding and I began consulting clients on social media marketing, personal brand messaging, and copy writing, in addition to personal and career coaching.

2010, once again found me walking the halls of academia as a Career Coach & Consultant for the W. P. Carey School of Business at ASU, sharing wisdom about personal branding and career strategy with MBA and graduate business students. I loved my job as a career coach for five years there, which led me to an opportunity in 2016 to work with Dean Amy Hillman as her Director of Dean’s Initiatives/Strategic Affairs (all very fancy titles for Special Projects Manager).

{Here’s where the ART stuff comes in & shit got freaky-weird-crazy-cool yo} Near the end of 2012 a funny thing happened. I had this over the top, crazy desire to PAINT, but hadn’t taken an art class since high school. I’ve been a writer, speaker, marketer, teacher and coach – but ART? Nuh. Uh. Nope. Not me. ART was always for “other people”.

For most of 2012, I couldn’t shake this intense desire to get messy with paper & paint & glitter. I didn’t know the difference between oil, watercolor and acrylic & was confused at where to begin. That October, I had a reading with a psychic (ask me to tell you THAT story in person), and the first thing she said to me was, “You need to paint.” Perhaps that was the kick in the butt I needed to pick up a paint brush and give it a whirl. Two-weeks later I was on my way to creating my first series of mixed media paintings, and had my first art show in April of 2014 where I was surprised to sell several original paintings as well as cosmetic bags, journals and greeting cards I had created.

The art you see on this website has unfolded since that wild reading in 2012. Self taught. No art degree. Just a desire and divine intervention. I’m taking classes to learn new techniques (find out more about those courses on my resources page) and discovering what untapped inspiration is there lurking under the fear.

Creating art has been the scariest thing and the most liberating thing I’ve ever done. My desire is to create prints, bags, cards, and products with designs that inspire others to step into their own fear & live “life as art”. Creating art has opened up a whole new world of joy, inspiration, impact and connection with others. Art can touch people and resonate with them in ways that words can not. I feel honored that these colors and shapes have chosen me as a vessel with which to be born into this wonky planet!

Whether I’m writing or teaching, coaching or creating ART, it’s my mission to…Inspire. Educate. Empower. I want to make an impact. In the world. In a positive way. I believe in YOUR potential to live the most amazing, kick-ass life you desire.

My intention is that my art, videos and writing, questions and insights, books or products I may recommend – STIR things up within you, and get you moving on down the road in a way that FEELS delicious for YOU. Whatever that looks like. Whatever lights your heart up.

What’s my jam?

My core desired feelings are
Magic. Tuned-In. Inspired. Impactful. Nourished.

My core VALUES support my vision for a kick-ass life. What do YOU value?

Truth – Seek it & speak it.

Beauty – Aim to create it in everything I think, speak, do.

Love – Spread it. Give it. Receive it. Share it. Grow it. Release it.

Spirit – Nourish my spirit & the spirit of others.

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